Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Post Updates

Good news..Last night at the school play, I heard the weirdo man lurking about was finally caught! He's back in jail, thank goodness. The sad thing is I know he is one of many in this sick world we live in. I also did some complaining at the school, and got better security measures taken for the students.

Jessie our bird found a good home a couple of weeks ago. We all were very sad to see him go and miss him but not his screaming!

Madisen gave up on the horse and is going to add it to her birthday list for next year. By then hopefully it will be forgotten.

This week Santa and I were battling over which presents we were getting and he was bringing. For the most part I'm disappointed he gets all the good ones, but it's resolved.

The rotting pumpkins and scarecrows are still waiting to be taken down outside. I can say the tree and inside Christmas stuff is out, but the tree doesn't have a cord, so the lights are still not working.
I still have yet to get an appointment for Christmas pictures!!!
I haven't wrapped a single present and no candy is made. Lots of Christmas parties and running to do.

Christmas is in one week....MUST QUIT TYPING AND GET BUSY!!!!!

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