Friday, December 21, 2007

Party or Puking what will it be?

This of all times the kids at school decided to share a cold/stomach bug! It never fails the kids can go months without even a sniffle and the minute you plan something they get sick. Here I am at the final days till Christmas when I should be cooking and doing last minute shopping and wrapping, and I am stuck doing nothing but holding a trash can and getting more medicine. Madisen has been home sick for the last three days. I can't even get everyday chores done more less anything extra. The last thing I had on my list for this week was shampooing the rug! I don't have a single present wrapped or any ingredients for making anything. The traditional making candy with the girls I can do Sunday but I need to make food. Tonight is our big family Christmas party, I would hate to have to show up with just a bottle of soda and a bag of Cheetos. I'm pushing vitamins and she seems a lot better today. The throwing up has stopped and her fever is way down. Hopeful she'll feel good enough to make it to the store later. Fingers are crossed she's better by this evening to go, the other two don't take it, and I can pull this off.

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