Monday, December 3, 2007

Poked and Prodded

Jacob had his 6 month Dr. visit today. The poor thing had to have four of his immunisation in the leg and one orally by mouth. As if that wasn't enough he was given a flu shot.They also gave him a fluoride treatment for his two little teeth, which was the only thing he did enjoy. I can't stand to see the look in his face as he looks up at me holding him down. It's not like you can even explain what is about to happen, it just all comes so unexpectedly. I know it's for their own good, but I still don't like it. The fact that we aren't even given a choice, really upsets me. You don't even know what in the heck they are even getting. The nurse comes in Jabs them to death and hands you a fist full of papers. Like those are any good. Why read all the risks when you get home after the fact.Every paper has a list of possible reactions and numbers to contact. What gets me is how in the world would you know which one caused what, with that many! What really aggravates me, is when they do have a reaction.Like his last appointment, he ran a fever for 3 days and had vomiting. Well when I called the office to report it the nurse really made me mad. It must be a virus she said, you may need to be seen. Okay yeah that really makes sense! My child just happened to get sick the same night he had shots. O_Kay That's when I just say "Never mind, I'll handle it myself". I pretty much have to just Dr. the kids myself when it comes to dealing with nurses. Anyways, fingers are crossed that this time he does better. He's not a happy camper so far, so we will see.

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