Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sweet Nothings

Kailey had to go to the eye Dr. yesterday to get her eyes checked. She's been having trouble in reading and we thought we would rule that out first. They had to dilate her eyes to really get a good evaluation so she looked like some wild animal leaving the office. They gave her a prescription for reading glasses, so I thought it was best to wait till she could actually see them herself to pick them out. From the time we left the office until this morning all I heard literally every fifteen minutes was "Mommy am I wild looking?" , "Do they still look big?", "Look at my jaguar eyes!", "Are they still big?" it went on and on..... By the time I was making super I had heard just about enough. So when she asked again I said"Nope they look fine now". I thought that would be the end of it, and here she comes running back from the bathroom "You lied, they are too still big!" By that time Jason was walking in the door and she shifted on to his nerves.
This morning when she got up only one eye was still dilated, she looked so funny going to school. I didn't dare mention it! I just bragged on her still looking like a wild cat. I know everyone at school must have gotten a real earful. After school I took her back to try on glasses to order. They had the cutest light pink rectangle vogue looking pair, she looked so darling in them. She tried on a few and ended up picking a pair she liked. Of course, not the pink ones I liked. As long as she was happy and would wear them it was fine. She really looked cute in all of them so it didn't matter what she picked. As we were walking out to car I mentioned to her, the ones she picked out were just like the old ones I used to have. That is when I had money to afford taking care of my eyes. Jumping into the car she said, " I know that's why I picked them"! I was so surprised she said that. She picked them just to be like her MOMMY!!!! Awe... she just made my day with that comment. It's the little things like that, that really let you know how much they love you!

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