Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Highlights

I can't believe we actually survived the Christmas holiday! Here's some highlights of how ours turned out. For all of you wondering about the tree it's actually still standing, and the angel is still in one piece. Madisen got better and we made it to our big Christmas party, where 10 people took home the worst Christmas present the same stomach bug. Jason and Jacob were both included, which made for a wonderful weekend. Jason was so sick one night he didn't even know I left for three hours to take the kids to a play. Kailey who for a few weeks was trying to decide whether Santa was real came to the conclusion he really is. That is after he left her some of his wife's amazing candy and brought her long wanted bird she was asking for. I heard he really got a smoking deal on it and the cat and couldn't resist.
I was so impressed with my girls on Christmas when they chose to spend the whole day at grandmas instead of staying home and playing with all their new toys. As with every year we spent the day there eating, playing around, and gossiping about everyone from the big party. It ended up being the only day no one was sick. Kailey luckily didn't get it till that night.
We've had so much fun having Jacob this year. He was just so amazed by everything and so excited over presents. That was the best present of all because his excitement was priceless. It didn't take him long to figure out what a present was or how to get it open. Even though Christmas is over, the girls are still on break till January 2nd. We are having so much fun playing with all the gifts and spending time together. I hate it will all come to an end soon with school and our daily routines. Although it will be nice to have the Be-bratz all to myself when they aren't home. (I know your reading this girls, I'm only kidding!)
With feeling sick myself and the kids begging me to open another toy, I will now stop jabbering. Hope you had as good a Christmas as I did!

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