Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snatch and Grab

Yesterday I went to do a little Christmas shopping for the kids with my mom. I came to the conclusion that stretching a dollar this year was just an illusion. I can not believe the prices of toys. As if the confusion of which toys are safe wasn't enough. Everything I looked that was $25.00, well between three kids that really adds up. All the toys the girls had on their list were $60 & $70 a piece except for the Ninento ds it's $130, and the horse Mady wanted was $250, so needless to say they aren't getting anything they asked for. Can you believe I saw the same Brats doll at four different stores all different prices. That just blows my mind. We stopped at Toys R Us, for their big sale. What a joke that was, all their big sale items were priced at Wal-marts regular prices. What I couldn't believe is the shoppers grabbing them! I'm glad I have looked enough to know my prices. Some bird Kailey had wanted was $70. at Toys R Us, and $59 at Target. Both of which I refused to pay. We had a bird why do I want a stuffed one? The trip to Target was fun. Here I am pressed for time and 10 minutes in the store I need to change Jacob. I go into the Ladies room, to find some woman standing on a cell phone with all her belongings on the baby changing station. She refused to acknowledge I needed to use it and just turned her back to me. Rather than get into a cat fight in the bathroom, I just stood him in the sink and changed his diaper. It wasn't the most convenient thing but I made do. Lets just say I was not too pleased.After getting back to the other side of the store where the toys are , I continued my frustrating mission. Round and round fighting the crowd figuring in my head, I tried to find things they might like. With my cart half full 30 minutes later Jacob decides to poop! I grab a diaper, gave my cart to my mom and dashed to the bathroom. Finally happy to see a empty changing table I open up his completely filled diaper and realize I have no wipes! One hand holding him I am leaning trying to get paper towels and wet them in the sink. Do you think anyone in the bathroom would bother to help seeing I am struggling? Nope no one, the lack of friendliness was just unreal! I managed to get him clean and get back to the toys. At that point I was out of time and had to leave to pick up the girls. By the end of the night I was exhausted, my brain was fried and yet I hadn't accomplished anything. I can't wait till all this hussle and bussle of Christmas rush is over!

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