Monday, June 2, 2008

Admission for Five

As a new Birthday tradition, last night we drug out some home video entertainment. With bad planning we only had enough time to recap the past year with two videos. Even so the night was filled with lots of laughing, yawning, and tears.
Jake's Birth
The girls overwhelming start into big sisterhood
All Jake's First accomplishments
(crying,smiling,eating,talking,jumping,walking ect..)
Madisen starting off the year with teeth and ending with barely enough to chew
the kids playing
Birthday parties
Kailey being a mother hen to both younger siblings
& Lots of funny stuff

Video taping don't s for future taping
Don't tape while on the phone (Jason!)
Never give the kids the camera to tape themselves Again!( I have never been so dizzy in my life, watching a 30 minute puppet show. I said tape YOURSELF not stuffed toys! Geesh)
Taping the baby forever eating, Not a good idea! (FMI...No matter how bored I am, do not do this! Okay we get it the child learned to eat off a spoon >>FF >>FF >>FF on to something else!)
No talking to babies when no one is home! (Boredom Alarm, Again ! FMI- You sound stupid, no one is around wait till the camera is off to talk to yourself)
Know that whatever you tape, can be held as evidence against you in future (such as repeatedly coaxing baby to say mama first!)
Know that whatever you tape can be used as blackmail against others (I'm thinking their future boyriends/girlfriends! Ex; Madisen in a port a potty & Kailey trying to cheer)
Add the dat
e to the screen (Although you think you can guess ages and dates you can't)
Don't be a camera hog (just being the voice in the video doesn't count as being In the family video!)
Mark the tape every time with information (less we not forget taping over kailey's baby video , with car commercials!!)


  1. That sounds like a really fun evening with the family. As the years go on those video's will become more important and special.

  2. My husband always does this, taping Debbie at her most boring self..he does it more for the thrill of using his camera rather than the joy of watching his daughter eat, sleep (!), blabber, crawl or whatever..Men (shaking head in exasperation!)It's agony when you have to watch a five minute recording to get to the very end where Debbie flashes a grin..especially when the said husband insists you watch the entire tape to appreciate his 'cameramanship'..(is that a word?!)
    Btw, thanx for visiting my blog, pleasure having you over.

  3. Nice reminder to get out a video camera. Lucas is two and I don't think we have any video of him. Olivia is three and the last time we shot her she was about 4 months old. I have lots of photos, but that isn't quite the same, is it? Your don't are helpful...done the tape-over thing and that stinks!

  4. Just being the voice in the video doesn't mean you are in the video is so true! We have numerous shots of my looking like a total scumbag while my husband is doing a voice over.

    Yet another awesome post, Miss Johnina Regina Angelina! You are the Sauciest!

  5. I started reading your post when it was featured on the homepage of blogspot. Since then I have been back every day to cry and laugh along with you. I have recently started my own blog and am attempting to personalize it. I was wondering if you could tell me how you do your signature at the bottom of each post. It's cute and I'd like to do something similar. Thanks for everything you post, it always makes me laugh.

  6. T & P bunch~ Hi, thank you for taking pity on my life and crying with me!

    The signature I made and just add to each post as a picture!

  7. LOL...I've told myself those same things over and over...New moms need to know, watching your baby eat for 20-30 mins is only entertaining the first time...LOL...

  8. I love doing that! It makes me love my babies even more somehow *L* Great acvice too. We were looking through some recently and discovered that our kids had grabbed the camera unbeknown to us and filmed all kinds of stuff *sigh* I must have been in the shower.

  9. Damn I wish I had a video camera :(

  10. What a cute idea! Now I really want a video camera.

  11. Great pointers! We've only been taping our first son since Christmas morning. That's when we got our camera.
    I've been pretty good about keeping things short and simple. I'll have to keep it in the back of my mind to NOT have the one-way conversations that are so tempting.
    I really do think I'm the time. I'm sure I'm not that funny at all. :)


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