Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hey Hey where's the Monkeys?

Never in my wildest dreams, would I have thought I would be shopping for a crib, a year after Jacob was born. I know what you’re thinking. No, I haven’t had him sleeping in a drawer all this time. He actually has a very nice Jardine Cherry crib in his room, which took us hours to assemble. Then why shopping for a new crib you ask? Well he certainly didn’t chew his way through the wooden slats, although he has tried. No it seems the security commission has issued a recall due to many recent injuries, which could lead to death. The wooden slats are supposedly able to come loose, trapping the children. I myself have tried to budge them and feel they are very sturdy. Unless you have an incredible hulk baby, I don’t see them moving. Regardless of my opinion after my efforts to destroy it, I will abide to the recall. Never mind how reluctant I feel, considering it took me weeks to motivate Jason into putting the first one together. What gets me is this...

This is the pouch that came attached to the original packaging, of the one we have now. If you look very closely on the bottom it clearly reads in all capitol letters; THIS CRIB CONFORMS TO APPLICABLE REGULATIONS PROMULGATED BY THE CONSUMER PRODUCTS SAFETY COMMISSION.

Now I ask you who gave out the recall? Say it with me… The Consumer Product safety commission!

Are you keeping up with me?

Now who is listed for the inspection of applicable regulations? Let's repeat...The Product Safety Commission! Very good, now do you see where I’m going with this?

How in the world did it ever pass inspection, or meet the standards to obtain this important statement.

Did the safety commission not feel the sturdiness of the slats, an important part of the check list or regulations?

Our country does all kinds of animal testing these days. Monkeys have been sent to space, they use them for testing all kinds of diseases and medicine. Heck all you hear about is how smart they are and claim they have all this human intelligence, and are the closest animal to our race. Yet, you’re telling me they can’t even put a freakin monkey in a baby crib, and see how durable it is. Where is the logic there?
I’m sure if they would use the studies of a 75lb raging ape in it, they could be certain it would hold up to a little shaking from a toddler.

So now, because of all their monkeying around over there at the Product security commission, I have to get a new crib. That is wait for a voucher to come in the mail, and hope it's enough to purchase one similar to the one we have.

If I'm lucky...

1. Nothing they have will match our set.

2. I'll have to pay more money to get one that does match.

3.The new crib will sit in a box waiting to be assembled, like the old one.

4.By the time everything is bought and set up Jacob will be ready for a toddler bed!

I guess at least I was lucky, I saw the one time, 3 minute, recall announcement about it on TV.


  1. They must have used a hulk monkey in the test! That is so crazy how the crib passed inspection and now oh we discovered something is actually wrong and you should exchange it. So frustrating on all levels.

    Good luck with the assembly too! I know how that can go.

  2. You were lucky to catch that. Its almost like a intent to divorce notice. They run them one time and if you don't see it, not their problelm. They have done what is required by law. The bad part is they hope no one sees them so they don't hae to replace any of them. They are so fickly. We trust our children in and on their products and then pray.

  3. I purchsed a crib for one of my kids when she was three months old. She had been sleeping in a bassinet and she was starting to outgrow it. We were like, "How soon can we get it?" And he was like, "It looks like you have some time. At least a couple of months." I'm like, you moron, I already had the baby but thanks for pointing out that I still look six months pregnant.

  4. Are you sure Jacob is worth it?

    Haha, Get one of those cribs that grow with your kid and you can make a twin bed out of it later or you probably thought of that ...

    How about letting him sleep in an aquariam with a screen for a lid, cheap and you could keep an eye on him easier. Hose it down periodically.

    Or give Jacob to me, I'll take that flute-blowing little gummy worm sucker any day of the week.

  5. Oh no, that really bites! I to would wonder how it passed the inspection. Good luck on the shopping trip.

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  7. Hi,
    On one of my earlier posts I talked about the CPSC site and where you can sign up for recalls that can be emailed to you. Sign up and you'll know before everyone else does.

  8. hello pack and play by Graco!

    these things are wonderful.

  9. LOL It's almost worth it to say forget it, I didn't see nothing! :)
    Well maybe they'll have the perfect one, in stock, waiting for you!!

  10. ROFL When you said 'shopping for a crib', I was definitely not thinking that you had him sleeping in a drawer! I thought you just found out you had another one on the way! LOL That's what happened to my niece... she just had her first baby less than two months ago (he was 6 weeks early) and thinks she's pregnant again!

  11. The reason it took so long to recall is that my monkeys were doing the product testing. They are easily side tracked. We'll just say that the slats came loose from a gust of wind coming at lightning speed out of someones (G-Mo's) rear end. Sorry. :()

    Good luck finding something that matches!

  12. You would think that the fact that these products are being used on children would ensure they'd put out a product that wouldn't need recalled. And they wonder why consumer confidence is down.

  13. The consumer product security commission is keeping themselves from being un-needed!

  14. UGH! How frustrating!
    This is the one time I am glad I wet cheap and bought 2 Jenny Lind cribs.
    UGH! Sorry about the extra stress.

    ps I have my post all ready for tomorrow. Are you still doing Tuesday tips?

  15. I had a similar expirience with a crib. It needed to be replaced, Raven was already 2 and a half, so we got one that would convert 4 ways. Crib, toddler bed, and double bed. I have never figured out what the 4th way was, but it says 4 way convertable crib on the box. lol

  16. Our crib was recalled too! Our baby has slept in it all 14 months of her life and our middle child slept in it for the first 15 months of her life. So was I a little put out yes to say the least. It is also supposed to take up to 2 weeks to get our voucher for a new crib, that is 2 weeks after we have dismantled the recalled one and sent in the hardware... what am I supposed to do for 2 weeks with a toddler and no crib?

  17. That's scary. At least you saw the recall. I hope it doesn't turn out to be a huge headache.


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