Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One expensive Lawn ornament

Keeping in the subject of Father's day, today I'll share a story about the Father of my babies! I just know he will be so thrilled. ( Honey I love you, in advanced! )
Today while biting the bullet and facing my fears of the snakes, that might be in the backyard. I grit my teeth and ran to the shed behind the house, to grab a container for our winter things. On my way back prancing through the weeds with fear, our hideous lawn ornament caught my attention. In which I instantly thought 'I am so Bloggin this!' and I had no trouble what so ever going back to capture it on film. So ladies and gentlemen, (wait a minute ...'Gentlemen'? Do the men that accidentally click on my bright pink goddess pages actually stay and read? hmm, Most certainly Not, but I'll include them anyways !) Sorry my mind travels... without further ad due;
Our Lawn ornament!

I'm sure you are all dying to hear the story behind this, right?

(Sorry babe, I Must give the readers what they want!)

You see... 4 Summers ago I get a call from my husband. "SWEETIE, GUESS WHAT?!!" (All caps cause he was very excited!) "I JUST BOUGHT A JET SKI, FOR $1200!!" Did you catch that key word there? Bought, he BOUGHT a jet ski. Not found a jet ski for sale. Not there's a jet ski I want to buy, let's go look at it. Nope, he spent $1200, without even so much as a phone call of opinion or permission! Looking back how I always give in anyways, I see this was partially my fault as well. Regardless, he took it upon himself to buy it, and now we owned it. That evening when we finally met up, the guilty party wasn't so brave talking face to face. (hugging & kissing all over me while he tried convincing me, it was a good buy) He talked all about how the money was fine, we'll be able to use it at the lake, he'll take us all camping more,Oh the fun we'll have! After finally giving in (like I had a choice, it was Bought!), I was all excited to use it too. The first time out we went by ourselves, a little test run before we actually go camping with the kiddos... We drove 2 hours out to the lake, put it in the water, we both got on to go for a little cruising on the lake. Five minutes in the water and it dumps us over into the freezing cold water. Floating next to the up side down jet ski, he's fussing at me that I leaned, and I'm fussing at him that he leaned! (Looking back in my opinion the cursed water craft thing pitched us on purpose!) Climbing back thrilled with anticipation (I'm hanging on for dear life..."Now Don't go too fast!" He's laughing, Too late for that!") off we go putting across the lake. I say 'Putting' not wind blowing in my hair speeding, we were Putting along! "Um..."You can go faster than this!"... "Uh-No I can't" Apparently the little $1200 used man toy jet ski, was on the side of the road for a purpose. BECAUSE, It had No Power !! None, what so ever! I swear I think I saw fish swimming faster than we were going. Frustrated with the absolutely boring ride, we ride over to the bank where he dumped me off. Sure it was that fact of hauling two of us, he tries to go out on his own. Still Nothing! Disappointed, Pouting, and thinking of every excuse for this loss of Awe, he claimed it must be the fuel pump. It will be an easy fix, not to worry. We will be back and flying through the water in no time. That was the last and only time it has ever been in the water since we have owned it. With lots of weekends working on it in the back yard with a garden hose, useless parts and a frown, he finally gave up the dream. Ever since it has been our lovely yard ornament, with no one with enough pity to buy it for parts. (*shaking head*...Men and there Toys, I swear!) Needless to say any and all big purchases, have miraculously been given my approval ever since.

My idea is we spend just a little more money on it, and purchase a big metal spring. That way with his welder he can make Jacob a nice Jet ski, Yard Toy. Something kinda like this;

I think I'll mention it to him tonight. I'm sure with your helpful comments I can convince him! ; )

BTW: All those waiting that participated in 911 Any Suggestions
I LOVED all the emailed Ideas! I had so many to choose from. There was no way to narrow it down to one and cover all three men. Therefore I have chosen Two. And They are...
Tracy P. - I know my father in Law will love it. (Sorry can't mention it, in case the MIL is here peeking in! Hi, Laurie !!)
Gayle - For obvious reasons I can't mention one of your ideas. One Jason would see it and be Overly Joyed and it would spoil the surprise, because he would want it NOW ! ;)
The other idea she came up with is for my Dad. Which, was to be his little girl again and remind him of the past. As for that it might sound Cheesy, But I'm taking him to McDonald's & fishing with the kids. What's a 70+ year old man want to do that for? Well when I was little McDonald's was OUR place. He would always ride his bike with me and the two of us would go to McDonald's & go fishing! That was, just Our thing! So, bla bla bla...that's what we will do. I think I'll have the kids make him a card & stick a picture of us, from when I was little on the front! Wa-la
Thank you, Both!
I am Now the Best friend you ever wanted to have. I'll comment away, and Anything You Need, just Yell! Want to chat, have questions I'm your Gal! Although, I'm not coming over to babysit, have a play date or clean your house. Well, scratch that...You wanna buy me a plane ticket, It's summer, I need to get away ..Sure,What the heck!


  1. OMG I am LMAO right now!!! I was thinking back to when I was sitting at a funeral this past the text from the dear old husband that I was now the proud owner of a 2007 Honda. Ok...punch line? HONDA SHADOW...fool bought a motorcycle without permission! ROFLMAO

    Of course, after reading your story...I'm jealous, I almost wish his motorcycle was a lemon, just for you know....a lesson learned, LMFAO

  2. I hope you got a lot of use out his little faux pas. You know, the kind that goes something like this:

    You: Honey, I really don't want to watch sports again this Sunday. I'm going out with my girlfriends while you watch the kids.

    Him: Watch the kids? But its Superbowl Sunday!

    You: Honey, remember the $1200 lawn ornament?

    I know that I would still be using

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That was your BEST POST EVER!! I could picture it all. I feel so bad for him that he was working on it in the backyard and all though. So sad! hahahahahah!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE the idea of adding the spring underneath. Hilarious! Will he ever let you throw it away or what?! At least junk it for a few bucks :)

  4. I feel your pain. I feel a post coming on...

  5. You should probably just come over and go to the zoo with us. That would be good enough. ;-) I am lovin' the comments!

    Sorry about the lawn ornament. Did I mention in my email that I can't get my husband to buy a new shirt? Much less anything that costs more than $17. So expensive toys would not be our issue, but we have plenty of others, believe me!

  6. I could only dream one of my husbands purchases were lemons. LMAO! Serves him right.

    um, yes, let's see in very similar circumstances we own 2 four wheelers, 2 snowmobiles, motorcycles for him and the boy, um, a boat, a motorhome...I could go on and on...

    Do you see that though? My husband wised up and started buying doubles? Wise wise man.

    Our household runs on forgiveness. Buy now ask for forgiveness later. Eventually all toys get re-homed after my husband gets sick of them or something terrible happens to someone we know. So, I've realized it's really just temporary and this to shall pass.

    In the meantime...enjoy your lawn ornament.

  7. Woohoo! I am so excited to be such a big winner. After I hit send I realized I should have given it some more thought on the DIL and had the big sweep! Mmmm. Have a good time! :) Plane ticket? I tell you, my husband and I are the kind of people who would buy plane tickets for you and your whole family if we had the extra cash (which I don't happen to have today, but that doesn't mean I won't ever). And the lawn a snowmachine sitting in the yard that is growing weeds. It will be leaving this summer for sure.

  8. P/S You should so do the springy thingy with the jet ski. The kids would have so much fun! Best $1200 kid ride around. :)

  9. If you consider the 'lawn' to be anything on our property...then we have a Ford Model A (rusty and not running), a Volkswagon van (rusty, not running, and winner of several 'ugliest car' awards at car shows - no joke)...and...what's that other thing? Oh yeah, a sugar cane mill. It is also rusty, but it does work. And every year we make gallons of cane syrup. Which is disgusting, but a Southern tradition. I'll trade you!

  10. So something my husband would do, only he breaks everything he buys. I will probably be getting him a new radio for his car, since he broke the one it came with and he's been without a radio now for a couple months. Love the post it was hilarious!

  11. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat to see what the gifts are. Think maybe you could post what some of the suggestions you didn't choose were, ya know... in case there are others of us that need help? That's totally not me, though... scoff. I bought my gift MONTHS ago! Seriously... (but posting them would still probably help out, ya know... a friend...)

  12. That do sounds like one of my husbands projects. How many non working boats do we have.....

  13. Waaaaaa I wanted to win!!! Ok I'll still be your friend.

  14. I sincerely hope that my husband never does anything like that. He's very impulsive, though, so I wouldn't put it past him.
    My Dad did something similar for my parent's wedding anniversary one year. He came home and said "look at the motorcycle you got me for our anniversary!" Now, THAT was bold...and stupid. He did get my Mom a sewing machine she had been drewling over as a peace offering to shut her up. ;) The motorcycle sits in the shed now and has for years upon years.

  15. Lol, I love the jetski toy on a spring idea. And YAY for having Father's Day gifts! They sound great. :)

  16. I AM A GUY! Just thought I would say that first.

    I fully understand the need to spend a great deal of money on a dream with out checking in with Jimminy Cricket. For me, Mr. Cricket is my wife. Especially when it comes to money. If I were to spend a large amount of money, with out telling my wife first, I would be castraited.

  17. I am not even sure anymore how I came across your blog but you have me laughing constantly these days! I loved this blog and LOVE the spring idea! Greatness!

  18. I seriously thought it was an actual rocket from Star Wars!

    Let's have Jason sit on the jet ski and you could aim the hose directly at him so he could experience the thrill of the ride.

    Maybe have him put on a helmet, too!


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