Saturday, June 7, 2008

Camp Oh no she didn't ?

Yesterday was technically the last day of school, whoo-hoo! My mom taking advantage of the fact invited the girls to come spend the weekend with her. When Kailey was little she went through a stage of wanting to stay all the time, and has since outgrown the urge and is becoming more of a home body. If she does happen to stay she is usually calling to come home. Following in her foot steps Madisen is now going through the same thing and begs all the time to stay. So, as of Yesterday evening the girls are at Camp Mamaw & Papaw. Where the only motto is "Sure sweetie What-ever YOU want!" (something of which the girls take Full advantage of!) Pure example, Last night when I talked to Kailey at 9:00pm, she was on such a sugar high I could feel her bouncing through the phone line. Barely able to hold a conversation constantly giggling , she told me she had a piece of cake (knowing my moms slices it was more than I could eat!) and two Popsicles! O-Kay... ("Jason lock the doors, turn off the ringer, no matter What she is Not coming home tonight!") Did they not learn from the last time she stayed and was up till 2 am, wanting to come home? I can hear them now...Gee, I just don't know why she doesn't sleep over here? lol
Well good thing was we didn't hear a peep! They Claim, she slept all night and did fine. (I find that hard to believe!) But, Not my problem they should heed my warnings!
My mom, God love her, she endures a lot. (Even if most of it she brings on herself !) Poor thing this morning Madisen really gave her a run for her money;

My mom: (putting on face moisturizer in the bathroom)
Madisen: Mamaw your old!
My mom: Do you think so Honey?
Madisen:Well just look in the mirror, there!
My mom: (*Blink-Blink*)
Madisen: Look at you...your are wrinkled up, even your knees are Old! Are you going to be leaving to go on to heaven?
My mom: Well, I hope not anytime soon! (pulling on her neck) Do you think I need to have plastic surgery and get rid of this goose neck?
Madisen: Well, it does hang down!

I was laughing so hard my sides were hurting, when she told me this! Leave it to Madisen to bluntly point out the obvious. My mom was really feeling good about her self after that...

"You know I bet she does think I should already be in the grave! She's used to being around all young people at school and stuff, I bet she does wonder. Oh and don't worry she said she would keep my grave full of flowers when I die! "

So, anyways get this, 8am this morning on the phone when she telling me this, she say's "So, are you coming over today?"

Coming over?!! I'll be over on Sunday, UUhhh, My kids are at Camp Grandma! Uh Hello, I have a semi-quiet house, finally a little me time to get things done. Why would I want to come over?? (sigh)

Yet, I still have to explain myself to her with a feeling of guilt! Me explaining..."O-kay...Maybe?...but I have so much I could be doing! " So, although I'd rather not, guess who else is probably going to be at Camp Mamaw & Papaw's today?" So much for my mini Vacation before Monday's onset of my 24/7 Summer break with the kids! (Which I am looking forward too! Speaking of which I need to get planning!)


  1. Ah too funny. My in laws are like that with the crap food. Trevor usually starts with chocolate milk then ice cream with oreos, more oreos and then they send him home with a bag of oreos.

  2. My kids usually sopend one weekend a month with my MIL and they alwyas come back hyper and tired, which of course is an awesome combination for me to deal with. :)

    I hope you get some you time this weekend.

  3. LOL! That made me remember being young with my grandma. I used to sit beside her on the couch and play with the loose skin on top of her hands. LOL!! She probably just LOVED that! :D

  4. Well...when I was little I said to my Grandmother.."Grandma how cum your skin doesn't fit?"

    Ahhh.....out of the mouth of babes!

  5. Don't go! Be strong! Right. :-)

  6. Oh, this is too funny.
    O.K. You probably think the only funny part was the story of your honest little girl saying it like it is.
    My parents have started doing things like this with my little guy. Mind you, he's only been on table foods for 3 months. BUT they saw how much he enjoyed his birthday cake. Why shouldn't he have more if he likes it?
    What's funny is that "Grandma" used to be called "Mom" and "Mom" constantly said No to my requests for junk food. What a change!

  7. oh, don't you just love kid's honesty!
    I hope they keep it forever!!
    Very enduring story!

  8. As the oldest of this bunch. I have all the signs of Grandma. But I love it. i try not to spoil my grandsons with the wrong food or drink. But one has medical issues that prevents me from being the "sugar monster". So its easier for me. I love having them around, and do watch them sometimes when their mom has to work. As long as I have a computer and my son's x-box I have a worry free day. LOL

  9. Man, the honesty of kids....that's why I've started asking THEM how I look in an outfit. They will totally tell me if I look to fat.

  10. That is hilarious! Oh, your poor mom!

    I always loved staying at my Nanny's. I'm like your daughters, I'd get over there and never want to leave!

  11. Grandparents are good at creating sugar highs!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  12. your post reminds me of my conversation with my son when he was about 3 years old, he told me too that I'm old, so he want to buy a new mommy from the "Mommy store",i asked him what kind he wants,he still want the same mommy, just younger :D

  13. i read your blog before and just got reaqauinted (sp?) at the mom blogs.
    very cute-i love the feet and your kids crack me up.
    PS-I am a Friend of Carrie. LOL.

  14. LOVE IT!! Your blog, your style, your content, the whole deal! Can I go to Camp with your kids? Please, huh, huh?

  15. My parents did something dumb like that this weekend too. We went bowling Friday night with my sister and they watched the girls. Between 11 and 12:30, we got four phone calls saying that Orange would not go to sleep. Turns out they'd given her ice cream right before bed. Duh. So she was up until 2 that night and I just shook my head. They never did stuff like that to me. Why on Earth would they do that to them when they're the ones who have to deal with the fall out?

  16. Kids say the darndest things. I just love the honesty that comes out of those sweet little mouths.

  17. The honest truth of kids! My daughter told me the other day while getting in the shower you have a big butt. I said yeah you gave that to me and you'll have one, one day. My MIL and FIL do that to my kids too. Just last night we had cake and ice cream for my husband's birthday and grandma loaded the kids up with sugar. Then complained when the three of them (my nephew included) ran around screaming like crazy kids.

  18. kids are so blunt, it kills me

  19. leave it to kids to tell it how it is!

  20. Is there something in the Gparent gene that says break every rule?

  21. Yup yup yup, I am a grandmother. I have a grand daughter and I will be the cool grandmother that takes her to get her first tatoo and her first eyebrow piercing, her first Victoria's Secret bra, ...

    I'll bet the grandparents your kids have don't look quite so bad now, do they Neeners?

  22. You are right. I am so glad that my sons grandparents aren't that bad. : )

  23. Oh the things that come out of kids' mouths. I'm glad you got at least a partial break before the summer hits.

  24. son is ADHD yet my mother and step-father insist on feeding him the most sugar-filled foods on earth!!! Then when is out of control and the rudist lil guy in town they call me upset - DUH!!!!!


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