Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Straighten out those bunny ears and get comfy!

I'm excited to say; I was given the opportunity to pre-view some new episodes of sitcom series for TBS & TNT networks. With all the fall series gone leaving us with nothing but reruns, I jumped at the opportunity.

The Bill Engvall Show
From Blue collar TV , hilarious redneck comedian Bill Engvall now has his own sitcom. (need I say more?)
I was so thrilled to finally see a descent family sitcom. With this show the family issues are true to life and comical, and (the best part!) I wasn't forced to chase the kids out of the room to watch it!
Pausing a show Every time the kids round the corner, because your afraid of what they might see or hear, does not make for a pleasant evening. The minute it gets good or interesting here they come, then your forced to sit and wait till they leave. Meanwhile you paused it right in the middle of an important sentence and your forced to back it up. I can't tell you how many times we have watched a show and had to back up the same scene four to five times because of them.

"Engvall plays Bill Pearson, a family counselor who can’t always figure out his own family. Nancy Travis (Bght Live, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story) plays his best friend. The ecker, The Jane Austen Book Club) co-stars as his wife, while Tim Meadows (Saturday Niseries also features the Pearson children, played by Jennifer Lawrence (The Burning Plain), Graham Patrick Martin (The Girl Next Door) and Skyler Gisondo (Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story).

Set in a Denver suburb, Engvall and Travis offer a humorous look at what it takes to be a parent in today’s world. They face parenting issues like allowance controversies, driver’s licenses and parking tickets, all while trying to keep the spark alive in their marriage and balancing work with family life." ...Tbs network

Missed the first season? Start Catching up, Sun. June 8th 5:30pm
New episodes start June 12th 9:00pm

My Boys

I don't Know how I have managed to miss this series, but let me tell you I Love it!! It has all the makings of a chic flic series with all the butch stuff thrown in for the guys. Defiantly a show my husband and I will be able to watch together. All these guys thrown in with their beer, sports and attitude with a butch yet sexy fun chic, caters to a big audience. It has enough humor in it for the men to forget that the whole show revolves around this one woman! (Sly move Tbs writers!)

My advice don't ever use the words chic & show/flic/series together, in anything you want your guy to watch. Otherwise it will be doomed from the beginning!

About the Show; Tv-14 (Although, nothing too harsh to panic when the little ones come running! Whoo-hoo)
It is a fresh, contemporary comedy set in Chicago, about friends helping friends through the dating game and life’s challenges. In the cliffhanger at the end of the first season, PJ Stephanie (Stewart) was hopping on a plane with her friend for a double-date trip to Rome. PJ invited some potential companions on this trip and just before take-off, she receives a message that her date is waiting for her in first class. Her mystery companion could be one of three guys; globe-trotting reporter Thorn Packer (Jeremy Sisto); botanist Evan (Michael Landes); or Cubs player Mitt Dougan (Travis Schuldt). It could even be one of her close male friends, such as Bobby (Howard) or Brendan (Scott), given her previous – albeit brief – romantic entanglements with each of them. Once the mystery is solved, PJ and her date join Stephanie and her boyfriend for what they hope will be a fun-filled excursion through Rome. Whether the fun times will continue when they return to U.S. shores remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, PJ’s brother, Andy (Gaffigan), moves back to the city after he and his now-pregnant wife decide they’ve had enough of suburban life. That means Andy will be around for the weekly poker games in PJ’s apartment. They are joined by their close-knit group of friends: Brendan a DJ, who is coming off of just being named one of Chicago’s hottest bachelors; Kenny (Bunin), who recently dated a pregnant woman; Mike (Kaler), who finally found a job working at Kenny’s sports memorabilia store; and Bobby, who faces being viewed differently now that his friends know he’s incredibly wealthy.

Stephanie, PJ’s best friend from when they attended journalism school together, finished the first season on an upswing. After having struggled through a credit crisis, she landed a new boyfriend in the person of Lance (Schuyler Yancey), her credit counselor. Now the two are heading to Rome for a dream vacation with PJ and her mystery man"...Tbs network.

You can see episodes from last season at 12:00 am tonight on TBS (Of course I will be in the bed, leaving the DVR to watch it for me!)
New episodes starting June 12th 9:30 pm

(Stay tuned for updates on other shows you might be missing out on!)


  1. Aww, I'm not much of a TV person but it's still nice of you to share this with us!

  2. Please make this like a regular feature. I love being directed toward new shows! And, TBS can thank you cause now I will be watching both... if I can bring myself to stop blogging...

  3. I love Bill Engvall! I fist saw him on "Blue CollarCopmady Show". I love this new show, and watch it every time I get a chance. the other swhow, not so much. Its an age thing I guess. But, keep the reviews coming. Do you watch House?

  4. Oh Johnina, this is so cool for you! First of all, I loved Tim Meadows when he was on Saturday Night Live. Some of his sketch characters were fantastic (and some, not so fantastic).

    I know exactly what you mean about pausing constantly because a kid may be just about to round the corner! Somethings we don't even bother trying to watch when we've got a thirteen year old around. Egad!

    I'll be watching for your red carpet interviews real soon!

  5. Thanks for the reviews. I would never have given those shows a second look but now I think I'll be tuning in.

  6. That is so cool to be able to pre-view new shows for tv...I always wanted to do that. The closest I'll ever get is my Daughter text messaging photos of the free movies she got in the mail to vote on for the Screen Actors Guild Award (SAG)....well I guess it's the least they can do since her SAG dues are hefty!

  7. How did you get so lucky to be able to view them early? I want in on that!!

  8. I agree with the above peoples, you made some of these shows look worthy of paying attention too!! I'll keep my eyes peeled for them!!

  9. Gotta love that DVR right? I couldn't live without it. Sometimes it takes us hours to watch an hour long show. Thanks for the reviews. I may have to check out those two shows. I love Bill Engval, he is hilarious.

  10. I saw some previews at teh thaeter for this first show. At first we rolled our eyes thinking here we go again with another guy/family show that's been done to the hilt, but by the end we were laighing. Thanks for the reminder. I'll have to DVR this one.

  11. Ooooh...those look good! I think I may have to catch up and watch them. (not that I needed new shows...but, ya know) I currently watch 4 shows...or I will when the new season starts. (Bones, Heroes, Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy) And I'll be adding Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse" midseason...I'm SO excited that Joss is back on tv!!!


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