Friday, February 1, 2008

Cell phone Drama

There is no mistake for the fact Kailey wants a cell phone. Some how every conversation turns into the phone discussion. The fact that she is dying to have one, have I changed my mind, and when is she getting one. She drops little hints and suggestions everyday. I don't feel she needs one bad enough right now to justify spending the extra every month that we just don't have. Yet explaining that to a 9 year old can be a difficult chore. I have been over and over with her. When I feel she needs one she will have one, but not until. She has one friend she can call once or twice a week on the home phone. So I don't know who she thinks she is going to call. The school doesn't allow them, and when she isn't at school she's at home. Hello we have a home phone! I think TV plays a big part. All the TV shows of kids with phones, and of course all the ads. They know exactly what they are doing advertising them to our kids.

Wednesday after school;
Me; How was school?
Kailey; Did you buy me a phone today?
Me; No...I said you didn't need one.
Kailey; Well I had this dream you had changed your mind, so I thought you bought one.
Me; Your right it was a dream, I didn't change my mind.
Kailey; Hugh! Well when you do can I get a razor?
Madisen; Why do you need to shave if you get a phone?
Kailey; I don't!
Me; Kailey buy the time you need a phone they may not make razors anymore.
Kailey; Well, Hailey has a razor and that's what I want.
Madisen; I don't get it WHY DO YOU WANT TO SHAVE?
Kailey; I DON'T just forget it!

Thursday in the Dr's office;
{{{My phone rings}}}
Kailey: It must be YOUR phone, because 'I' don't have one!

Right now we are just poking fun back and forth. Although, I can see this quickly turning into a needed attitude adjustment down the road.

I was thrilled to hear Disney is supposedly coming out with a new kids phone. I just can't wait till they start marketing that on the Disney channel.


  1. I have had the same conversation with my daughter about 500 times! A couple of her friends has them and she WILL not let up on it.

    I feel your pain.

  2. This is a hard one. Who knows what the must have accessory will be once my Peanut gets old enough to NEED the latest must have accessory. Maybe I will just keep her locked up in the tower forever! Seriously!

    My 13 and 14 year old cousins have cell phones, and I'm like, get that out of here! They are always on those little boogers and ignoring everyone around them. So rude!

  3. My almost ten year old son wants one too. He has SEVERAL friends with them. Still I resist. Good to know I'm not the only one...

  4. lol- my goodness, you are such a good read!
    Its 10:17 pm here in Paris, baby is a sleep finally, had some take-out b/c was too tired to cook and doing some research on the internet and found your blog. It has made me feel so much better because you simply tell it like it is, and you are quite funny too!
    Keep it up. Being a new mom i have a new found respect for mommies and mommi-dom.


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