Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It took Bumble bees and Bubbles

Now that spring is finally here and we don't have to bundle up like Eskimos just to go out side. We can enjoy running and playing in the grass, without freezing our tushes off. Believe me we have so needed it! Staying inside day in and day out has left us all stir crazy and out of patients. It's a thousand wonders we haven't all killed one another, seeing how I ran out of ways to entertain them months ago. Being outside is an all new experience for Jacob. He was absolutely terrified , when we introduced him to Grass. You would have thought he was in excruciating pain if it touched him in any way. He would draw up his legs , cling on to you for dear life, shake and scream. After a few attempts we decided to give it a few days and try again. Nice pretty day, sister's home...perfect timing!
Unsure of his well being he quickly panicked!Scared & curious with encouragement he decided to stay.So afraid of the grass ...but Not of the Bubble Bee!

After lots of convincing he sat by himself.

(Although, Not without a balancing act... patiently looking for Mr.Bee.)

Bubbles helped him sort of relax.

(Yet, still refusing to touch the grass)

~Lots of Bubbles and Bumblebees later~

And...Before long he was picking grass and trying to eat it, I was so proud!

I can't wait ill he's older tromping in it with his boots, chasing bull frogs. Then we can look back at this and see how far he's come.


  1. It's not quite that nice here yet, but I can't wait to get my little mister out there in the grass for the first time. I'm sure he'll have a similar reaction...

  2. OMG! he is sooooooooooo cute! I am glad that he enjoyed the grass in the end. Poor grass lol

  3. That second from the last picture made me get serious foot cramps just looking at the way he curled his feet to keep them off the grass. I think in our state that is considered child abuse!

    You have warm weather AND grass. I am so jealous because we have sloppy muck and some parking lots still have snow piles. We still have snow pants hanging in the front hall closet just in case. Heck, even the kids' bikes have snow tires on them.

  4. The pictures are adorable as always. I'm glad he finally took to the grass after awhile. At least he wasn't scared of the bee... ...Like I am... e.e;

  5. Those pictures are so cute! Your son is going to be a heartbreaker some day!

  6. My oldest was the same way. I loved it because I could lay out a blanket and put him on it and he would stay, like I had put him in a play pen! He hated the feel of the grass so much that he would just crawl around the edge of the banket and never even try to get off. It was really nice because I could get all kinds of work done in the flower beds and in the garden, knowing exactly where he was.

  7. That boy has some amazing leg strength to hold them up off the grass for that long! And he's just too cute to boot!

    Thank goodness it's finally warming up! We're so done with the cold weather in my house too!

  8. This is cute. Hahaha you cannot borrow my baby :[[
    McD's is disgusting YUCKK no fast food in my car, sorry

    Much Love, Savanna

  9. Try sand - same reaction.
    All my children were the same way!!
    Very adorable!

  10. Awe - I remember when my nephew was TERRIFIED of the grass! He would scream, cry, pull his legs up - even if it was one piece poking thru the patio or something. Thankfully he's outgrown that now and is a boot wearing, toad finding little cutie!!

    My girl on the other hand loves grass but hates to be dirty - go figure!

  11. Awww....cute pictures. I love the one where he is holding the grass in his hands...to cute!

    My daughter is 10 and still freaks out at the sight of a bee!

  12. Too cute, love the pics. I'm excited that you're finally able to enjoy the outdoors. :)

  13. Here is from one mom to another who seem to laugh at the same things (mainly our lives and our children)

  14. So cute - my little boy is about a year older than yours, and I remember his first time on grass (being in MI, we only have about 5 good months of grass, rest of the time it's snow/mud!) - he was so scared!! I felt so bad for him, yet had to laugh at the same time! We were also outside blowing bubbles today...and by blowing bubbles, I mean trying to lick the bubble wand like a lollipop...sure hope that stuff is non-toxic! ha-ha! Love your blog!

  15. I love it! Was he doing Pilates?

    Ha ha! :)

  16. What a doll he is! My 7 year old was the same way with grass - you were able to capture the uplifted feet so well! Another humorous retreat for me, thank you!

  17. Your son is way too cute! And that is so funny with the grass... My daughter (1 yr on May 9) just took her first trip to the park about a week ago and was so confused by the dirt! It took her a few minutes to feel safe walking around on her own :) Isn't it hilarious to see them experiencing the outside world for the first time??


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