Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta

This was Madisen the other night at the supper table. Dinner first started out with her having her arms crossed pouting, because I was going to cut her corn and not Kailey's. After leaving it for her to eat off the cob (with no front teeth I remind you), she quickly changed her mind and realized I was right. (Imagine that! ) Continuing to eat with her lovely table manners (Chomp, smack, slurp, smack... My ears can't take it!! "Put the cow back in the barn, Madisen! ") She went into her complaining routine about her teeth.
"How much longer is it till I get my teeth?"
"Why does my corn have to be cut?"
"Why won't my teeth grow?"
"Can you see any teeth coming in?"
"It's Not fair!"
"Why can't I have teeth?" ..."I think this tooth is loose too, can you look at it?"(
She still doesn't get the fact that she can't afford to loose anymore teeth.)..."How much more do I have to eat to get desert?". From whining back to pouting. Next thing she's mumbling "Look mommy!"
With Madisen you have to be prepared for anything.( It's always unexpected with her; kinda like when your at the zoo watching those cute furry orangutans and all the sudden they start chucking poop at you. That kind of shock!) Therefore, I have to carry my camera on my hip like a cell phone, to catch these moments. The one thing that is killing our economy and my child has it stuck between her teeth!


  1. I wish I could carry our camera around without looking like a dorky tourist. We have a big ol' clunky Canon Rebel XT, which I absolutely love in every regard except size. There have been so many times I wanted to get something candid and didn't have my camera.

  2. You are so clever, I just love the way you stick poop in each and every blog!

  3. Haha, oh the joys of being young and adorable. Great picture, I'm glad you were able to capture it!

  4. Tell Madisen that my daughter, now 17, knocked her front two teeth out when she was 4, and had to wait 2 years, 3 months, and 4 days for the replacement grown up teeth to come in. And yes, we counted on the calendar. Cute pic, too!

  5. That's the coolest picture ever. I wish I had teeth like that.

  6. HAHAHAHA!! That picture is SOOOOO cute and funny! Absolutely priceless and perfect!

  7. You've got great pics on your blog and beautiful children. Love the header picture. Too sweet. Thanks for stopping by mine and commenting. Have a great week.


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