Tuesday, April 1, 2008

There's no book or experience that can prepare you for this

As I was checking out at the local grocery, the stench of Jacob's diaper became overwhelming as I carried him. Which I thought was just perfect timing, seeing how I'm trying to write a check and hold him. He's reaching and grabbing for anything and everything, especially the credit card machine and my check. I'm trying to keep Madisen out of the candy rack, and Kailey close so I can see her. Since I had a cart full of bagged groceries, I decided to just change him in the car. I loaded the girls and the groceries and grabbed a diaper and bag of wipes. The space where Kailey usually sits is where I laid Jake down to change him right quick, so I thought. With my door open I stood leaned into the car and began to undress him. I had handed kailey (my heaven sent help) the dry diaper and she was standing over him ready. As I pulled down his pants I could see poop smeared down his leg. At this point it's already too late in the game to stop changing him and move to a much bigger area, that I so desperately needed. His hands automatically reached down to help. Panicking I'm rushing Kailey to hurry with the wipes and help grab his arms. After getting his hands clean and out of the way with Kailey holding them, I continued to get the wipes myself and open his diaper. I assume he pooped while he was sitting in cart, because instead of it being all on his butt it was all pushed up and out the front of his diaper. It couldn't have been just a little formed poop either, No it was a slam full, creamy, sticky diaper. Jake's at the age now where he hates to be changed. He squirms and fights the whole time to get up. This was the last thing I needed at that moment. It wasn't like I could just hog tie his legs together with one hand, because I needed to clean between them. So, he's kicking, poopy wipes are falling out of the car, and I'm trying to get him clean while people are walking by. At this point I could careless about what kind of a mother these people thought I was, or for the guy waiting on my parking space. I went through an entire sandwich bag full of wipes, which was good looking on the bright side of it all. At least I had something to put all that mess in when I was finished. The whole frustrating process took 20 minutes, but in the end Jake was happy seeing how he was able to ride home in only his diaper.


  1. lol wow that sounded tiring. I never had trouble changing her diaper in the car but then again I don't thing I've changed a full creamy diaper..

    lol I've changed many diapers like that but reading that part actually made me want to gag :D

    My little counter's cute huh.. no bomb just a bright flash :D It's fun seeing how long your there =)

  2. eewie. Thank the Lord you had helpers. If I see a mom changing a kid in the car, I think that kid has the best mom ever.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog for the great blog hunt:)

    Uh your post has brought back bad memories of the messy diapers and trying to change them in the car. And with girls of course there are all kinds of nooks and crannys...lol!

    P.S. Not sure if you saw on not, but on my blog I have a giveaway for a free tutu ($52 value):)

  4. o my goodness..o the days of changing the diapers in the car...battleing the sun glareing in my kids eyes, or the seat belt poeking them in the head..or them as they would not be still!! Lol. Your little girls are so sweet to be so helpful and totally grossed out!
    Have a great day!

  5. Wow, i dont have kids yet, but when i do im sure i will have stories like that to tell.

    And you managed it with other children, good thing they were helping ya out. :)

  6. Your blog is great. Right up my alley!! Posts about poop and pint sized drama queens!

  7. Thanks for the reminder....We'll be there in about 3 weeks!

  8. I admire you and completely understand. I have 4. We had one of those blow-outs on a road trip! Was washing the poor kid off in a cold gas station-style bathroom sink with no hot water. Being my first I was so grossed out. Now my youngest is finally mastering the potty. Figured I have changed approx. 12000 diapers in 10 years, many of that variety. Good Luck to you.

  9. Oh, the life of a mom! This is so right on! I was just sweating this very experience the other day! God Bless Ya! I have just found your blog right before I was headed to bed and just from what I've seen the last couple of minutes, I absolutely love!

    Yay for the Mommy! I can't wait to come back and read more!


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