Tuesday, April 15, 2008

To Mamaw's house we go..

This morning my mom called as usual pressuring me to come over with the kids. So, with the girls on spring break this week, I decided we go over and spend the day. Before getting off the phone as usual she says , "Hurry over , but don't rush!".With all my usual house work to get done and getting ready for the day, it turned out to be 11:30 by the time I could get out the door. Which, I thought was doing pretty good considering all I had to do. Needing diapers and a few things we ran by the grocery store. As always the grocery store was a real treat. Today we entered the door and saw a sign posted about Heely's. "No Roller shoes in store!". Needless to say Madisen wasn't the least bit happy, seeing how she was wearing hers.
"Why can't we use are Heely's here?"
"Why are they not allowed?"
"It's not fair we can't roll!"
"What if we accidentally roll?"
"What if we slip while were walking and roll?"
"If they kick us out, does that mean we Never have to come back?" (She'd like that!)
"Why don't they like Heelys?"
"Mommy, she's wearing Heelys!"
"Mommy, I just seen a girl wearing Heelys!!"
"What if she rolls?"
"Why can't I roll?"...Through the WHOLE STORE!
By the time I arrived at my mom's it was 1:00. The kids jump out of the car screaming and playing. I'm lugging Jacob, and loaded down with baggage. There stands my mom hands on her hips complaining as to what took so long. Gee, I don't know I only had to pack everything but my kitchen sink just to come. Had I been in her shoes, I probably would have ran back inside and locked my doors at the site of of us coming.
Without any influence, she ended up keeping the girls for the night. ( I know.. can you believe it? She's great!) so whoo-hoo a night off. (not really) I've been home 2 hours and they've called 3 times, and Just my luck, Jacob has started running a fever.


  1. Are you by any chance writing a book? Because you have a potential best-seller here with these stories of your everyday life! I mean, you're not much different from an average mom as far as I can tell, but the way you tell your stories! It's like I can see everything happening as I read! You should really consider a book, or a comedy series on T.V...
    Well, just thought I'd stop by again to see whats going on in your world, and as always, I'm entertained! Have a blessed night!

  2. Only a woman could endure this! Goodness, woman, I know how you feel! xoxo Dre

  3. love that you find the laughter in the day. Gotta love them

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  5. The roller shoes thing is too funny... XD Sorry to hear that one of your kids isn't feeling well, I hope he gets better.

  6. I love your blog! It is so completely a day in my life, except I have three girls. I will definitely have to check back often. Visit me at www.curlsngrins.blogspot.com.

  7. what was the cause of the fever? what do you do when a child gets a fever for no apparent reason? just wanted to know what an experienced mother like you does? i usually run to the doctor because i don't know what else i can do.
    oh, and how's Jacob now? hope he's better...

  8. I get the biggest kick out of your stories...I can't believe so much goes on every day, and then that you manage to be able to write about it! I am very, very impressed. =D

  9. Awww...I hope he gets better :)

    Yes, grandmothers can get like that......

    I mean, I'm 14, but hey.

    Lots of Love,
    Age xoxoxoxoxox

  10. Jane~ He's doing okay this morning, but FUSSY & has a low grade fever. Thanks for asking :)
    He has been teething really bad all week, so I believe it's just caused from that. If it gets any higher, and doesn't go away in the next day or two I'll take him. If he gets any other symptoms, I'll take him right away.

  11. First time by...like your blog...will visit again.

  12. RocketDog~
    That's funny..No I'm not writing a book. I'm far from having the writing skills to do that.(BTW, Please excuse all my careless mistakes. It's hard fussing with Jacob, you have to hurry, Plus type with one hand.)

    As for a TV show, I'd gladly except Any and ALL offers ;) (..Seeing how that would Never happen!)

  13. I am giving myself high fives if I can make it out of the house in less than 30 minutes AND not forget to make sure we have enough diapers, wipes or snacks in the bag.

    Just yesterday my 6 year old asked for a pair of Heeleys. I must consider his request very seriously as this boy is a clutz. He falls a lot, but to his credit he is also tough and doesn't cry much when he does fall. But yeah, if I buy him Heeleys I must also invest in a helmet, knee and arm pads.

    You do tell a great story. One must have humor to get through some days.

  14. love reading your blog and great "mommy" stories! You are a wonderful story teller. I agree...it would be a great book!

  15. I know EXACTLY how you feel! I am the same way. I have 3 kids too---6, 4, and 22mos. It takes me forever to get out the door, which is part of the reason why I barely leave the house.

  16. Hi there!!
    Its too funny how kids are fearless with those shoes! we have a big hill inour subdivision and kids are always going to the top of the hill and coasting til they cant go anymore. I'm always like.."what if they hit a rock and come crashing down!?" But they have no worries...
    Love your page..
    have recently started one of my own...
    It's funny how us moms have so much to say!!

  17. Oh my god - you've been watching us through the windows, haven't you? You're in my house, YOU'RE IN MY BRAIN!

    So, um, you wanna come over and help me de-puke my sofa? You appear to be an expert.

    I'm putting you on my favourite blogs list. :)

  18. Very funny. I have four boys and the "fun" never ends, right? It takes over an hour just to get all of us ready to go run out fast and by the time everyone is in the car, I need a nap.

    Have a good one.

  19. Seriously...I'm trying not to laugh here, cause, honey, I've btdt, got the t-shirt to prove it. You get bonus points for getting over there by 1:00! I'm a Mommy of 4(2 girls and 2 boys) and Woohoo...yes, I feel ya on this post!

  20. hahahaha...

    my own mom seemed to always understand. my ex-mil on the other hand couldn't understand that getting my daughter ready to go anywhere took an hour to get out the door AFTER she was ready to leave, not to mention all the random stuff that comes up. so, i totally understand. +)

    anyway... yeah @ the girls staying overnight. hope your lil guy is feeling better soon.

  21. If the sign said "Rolling prefered, no walking"...they wouldnt have wanted to roll, but instead walk and complain the whole time.

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  23. Amen to amazing grandmas nearby! Hubby's mom is real close and loves to take my oldest and let me take care of the baby. Sorry about Jacob getting sick!

  24. I absolutely agree with RocketDog! I found your blog yesterday and was instantly pulled in by your writing style as much as what you were writing about. that was my first thought was that if you wrote a book, it would be a best seller! God gave you that creative writing ability for a reason... don't hide it in a blog, FLAUNT IT! These stories you tell are encouraging, funny, endearing, and uplifting. We need those kind of books in today's world! So until you write it, I've added you to my new blog.
    ~Be Blessed!!!~

  25. Your sense of humor keeps it all in perspective, doesn't it! You are living the best of all possible lives - time with your children that can never be recalled. I wouldn't trade the years I spent at home with my children for anything.

    God bless you and yours

  26. Boy, oh, boy, can I relate! Motherhood ... the trials, tribulations, and terrific experiences all wrapped up in a colorful package called a child. Your site is lovely. How in the world did you create this jazzy format? Was it something you created yourself? God bless you!
    Carol "A Woman Belongs on a Throne ... with a Sword"

  27. I totally agree with rocketdog. Your stories are wonderful. I'm new to blogger, and being able to read yours inspired me to make my own. I can tell you have a great family and that you truely take care of them and love them. It's been a pleasure to read.


  28. I totally agree with rocketdog. Your stories are wonderful. I'm new to blogger, and being able to read yours inspired me to make my own. I can tell you have a great family and that you truely take care of them and love them. It's been a pleasure to read.



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