Thursday, March 6, 2008

General hopsital prediction

My latest Gh prediction; Jerry Jaxes pal, The mysterious mob man with the wing tattoo on his shoulder. I believe to be the NEW Dr. in town none other than Dr.Devlen. Okay let me know what you think? Prove or disprove my theory~


  1. I have thought that quite a few times too, but then I think I saw some clips where they show Devlen in the hospital, then a clip with Jerry and the mystery man not long after. Making me think it wasn't him b/ he can't really be in 2 places at the same time. Though, it is GH, so I guess he could be! I don't know, my observation about the timing could be wrong. I'm going to pay more attention to whether Devlen supposed to be working when they show Jerry with mystery man.

  2. I saw it yesterday for the first time in a week and I'm just so very out of the loop. What I am guessing though is that the new Doc was the other guy whom he spoke of having the same tumor Nicholas does.... unless they've proven/disproven that to be true last week.

    The mysterious tattoo guy, I have no idea. How fun if you're right though!

  3. Alicia, that statment hadn't even crossed my mind. You my be right!

    Elexis, I don't know dead people aren't supposed to come back from the grave either! LOL

  4. I didnt watch yesterday, but meant to come back and comment on Friday when Jerry was talking to mystery man on the phone & mystery man said he was going to his regular job - where he has seen Jerry but Jerry hadn't seen him. So, now I'm thinking it could be Devlin again. When Sam got hit by the car, they showed Jerry leaving the room, then Devlin coming in her room after he left and looking down the hall toward Jerry. I remember thinking there must've been a reason Devlin glanced at Jerry walking away.


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