Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The high heel workout

After running up and down a mountain chasing the girls during an Easter egg hunt on Sunday, my body is killing me. Muscles I didn't even know I had, hurt. I'm thinking high heels weren't the best attire for the day. Next time I don't think I'll forget to pack my tennis shoes. As it was the back end of my Tahoe looked like we were going camping with all the gear we had to pack for the day. Between shoes, clothes, food, baby stuff ect.. we looked like the Beverly hillbillies. Yet the one thing I needed I didn't have. Hunting in high heels was super fun, let me tell you. It turned freezing cold and windy. Every time I looked kailey would run one way while Madisen ran another. They looked like they needed to be on Ridilen with the attention span they had. " Look an Egg...." !!! Then there running off another way. It's unbelieveable what sugar can do. Meanwhile I'm shaking cold, trying to keep my balance while video taping them. I just hope the tape turns out half way descent with something on it. It will be a thousand wonders if the camera was able to focus on anything as much trouble as I had. For all I know it's a video tape full of the ground and the camera moving back and forth searching for the girls. I can't imagine what it will be like next year with Jacob running also. Well, at least I got a good work out right. Who needs the gym when you have kids.


  1. Super funny!! I don't think I'll try it though... Hope you make a speedy recovery.

  2. I never had any kids. Part of me envies you and the other really does NOT! :-D

  3. Amen! If it weren't for my husband I don't know how we would handle the different age group hunts!

  4. Love it! I actually wrote a Children's book called Mommy's High Heel Shoes. After Mommy leaves for work, her kids go into her closet and try on all of Mom's Shoes! They discover Mom wears so many different shoes with all she does everyday. Check out my website: http://www.mommyshighheelshoes.com I am also giving away 3 early release autographed copies when you join my site! The book will be out September 2008!

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