Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Look my crystal ball was right!!

Can you believe it, I was right!!!(doing the happy dance) Ah HA.. Dr. Devlen is AKA wing tattoo mystery man. I think Elexis was right when she commented last time. He's also the other person they spoke of with the same tumor as Nikolas. Which was one moment I must have pushed the DVR skip button and missed. Sorry but I have such a short time to watch, I skip through if I get bored. I can say that's mostly when Rick comes on with that new Mexican girl he's got. (Sorry I like Rick, but her not so much a fan.) Besides why did they change her character, I liked the first girl.
Anyways, I guess now we just wait and see if the old Carley comes back from Kate's past as I
said before. Well see..


  1. Fill me in! Did I miss something?! They revealed that it is definitely Devlin? I was shampooing my carpets yesterday while GH was on and I was watching but couldn't hear, haha!! Did they show it is him for sure? I liked the first Maria too. They look nothing alike either! The new one is like 2 feet shorter! They could at least keep them in the same height range, no?

  2. OOHH, so if he's the other guy w/ the same kind of tumor as Nikolas, that explains why he wants Nikolas to test the drugs, right?! So he can see how they work on someone else first. That's crazy!

  3. Elexis...You missed it?!! He was on the phone with Jerry taking and they only showed his shoulder (as usual)while he was digging in a locker and drying off ( in the hospital!). Well, then he shut the locker to reveal his face in the mirror! Cleaning during GH.. Girl what were you thinking?


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