Monday, March 17, 2008

That sneaky Leprechaun is back

Finally the long awaited dreaded day has come, St. Patrick's Day. The girls have had the calender marked with a big warning sign 'Beware of this Day' since March 1st!! Every week they have watched the days count down until the Leprechaun comes. You see last year he came to our house while they were gone at school. He messed up their room, and left glitter everywhere. They found the blinds in their room all a mess with candy left at there window. He even peed green pee in their toilet which left the two of them running and screaming for their life. The worst part is this was the same day our baby St. Bernard 'Saddie' (the crazy dog with the severe case of separation anxiety), ate a hole in the sheet rock of our kitchen while I was gone. The girls were terrified and there was no convincing them that the dog did it. They would not leave my side that entire evening and getting them to go to bed that night was a huge issue. This morning they were excited to dress all in green today and couldn't wait to go pinch everyone. Although, they were very much dreading what they may come home to. This afternoon they came home to a room filled of mischief from a Leprechaun named Olis. We know this because he spelled his name out in green blocks that he left in their window, and signed his thumb print next to the warning on their calender. He dressed their stuffed animals all in green, left a green hand print on their mirror, dyed the soda green (where he must have taken a sip), and he even washed his hands and left a wash cloth in the bathroom. That sneaky little man not only visited our home, but went to their Webkinz home on the computer. Where he painted their room green and put green clothes on all their animals. I don't know if it's just that they are older or the fact that nothing terrified them as they came in the door, but I haven't heard any screaming or crying only giggling.
Happy St. Patty's Day~


  1. lol that's a funny story =) So much green =)

  2. Oh my gosh, you are such a great mom.
    That sounds like so much work (but for so much fun!)

    We were out of town, so they barely even realized it was St. Patty's Day!

    It must have been nice for you to hear the giggles. These are the kinds of moments they'll remember forever.

    My hat is tipped to you, my friend!! Fantastic job!!

  3. I love your blog site..the pink and all the pictures are adorable! you are an imaginative mom! I'm not a mom yet, but i can't wait to be one-but i love hearing stories about the silly and wonderful things children do. i share my niece and nephew stories and cant wait til i have my own to share! thanks for sharing, i enjoyed it

  4. Wow! What a great idea! I may just have to steal the idea of the trickster leprechaun :o) Very imaginative!!


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