Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thirteen ideas for filling a Easter basket

Don't waist money on those Easter baskets filled with cheap junk. Make your own, you will get more for less.

1.The basket is your preference, they have tons to chose from. Think of this though the child is going to care more about whats inside than what it's in.

2. Edible grass for filling the bottom of any basket. It comes in all colors, it's edible so it doesn't just end up in the garbage or all over the floor. You can buy it for under a dollar a bag.

3. Shop the dollar racks, for great deals. If you have more than one child you save alot, the packs are usually come with two or three things. They have bubbles, games, stickers, toys, necklaces, ect..

4.Candy!!!! Everybody needs a hollow chocolate Bunny. Did you know they also make plastic eggs already filled with candy. These save lots of time.

5. Think outside the box. Leave the Easter aisles and head to the kids department. The clearance racks always have hair doodles on them, purses, and all those Little girly things. You can find alot ranging from $1-5.
6.Stuffed animals are great for the little ones. Wait till closer to Easter and they mark them down considerably. Most store buy more stuffed bunnies than anything. The stores don't want stuck with them so usually they go on sale first.

7.What girl doesn't love make up? Bonnie Bell brand is really cheap and they have a big selection.

8.If you have any empty baby jars ( which you clean out first of course!) you can add a candle to the inside and tie a ribbon around the top. Wa-la cuteness.

9.For a baby's first Easter you can add a Easter bib, soft candy, rattles and Wal-mart carries the cutest little tiny Bibles for .99. These make a great keepsake.

10.Coloring books, Magazines or books

11.Fun Bubble bath, toothbrushes, and toothpaste

12. Movie tickets ( some theaters will give you a cheap deal if you tell them your buying them for a birthday party, the child pass will then include popcorn and a drink)

13. Flip flops, sunglasses, and hats are all inexpensive and must haves for starting spring.


  1. Those are GREAT ideas! We rarely do Easter baskets...the kids get too much sugar, and we never have the money...

  2. Oh man, I love the flip flop idea! I wish I'd have read this before hitting the store today!

    We're trying to go easy on the candy, so I'm filling plastic eggs with Goldfish crackers, pretzels, and cereal. ha! Mean mommy.

    P.S. I have NEVER seen or heard of edible grass. What rock have I been under?

  3. Those are good ideas :D I think the best one is buying them a movie ticket. Who doesn't want to go to the movies free =)


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