Saturday, March 29, 2008

What!... You went to the Principal's office!

Kailey came home from school with a note to her from a teacher. She was so excited for me to read it and see her precious note. Little did she know the note revealed a big secret. That secret being a little incident at school she just happened to forget to tell me about. The note was to Kailey about how her teacher wasn't mad at her and she was so sorry she was so upset at school blah blah blah. How she thought none of that would raise red flags is beyond me. Anyways, turns out Miss Kailey had been in the principles office the other day with another little girl over something silly. Apparently this little girl didn't like what Kailey was doing, causing a little argument ending with her hitting Kailey. Now everyday when she jumps in the car I hear every detail about her day. She said this, so and so did that! So, how come two days later I was finding out about this? You don't just forget a trip to the principal's office and having a meltdown, I mean really. I know she would have never told me had I not have questioned her about what the note was pertaining to. When I did ask what it was all about she was very apprehensive to tell me. She beat all around the bush, acting as though is was no big deal, telling me the story. In her mind she thinks it's bad anytime your in the principal's office, which is probably why she didn't come out and tell me about it that day. All in all it was fine she wasn't the one in trouble, but I wish she would have been comfortable enough to tell me. Most of the time I just rely on the girls to tell on each other to get my information. This time it just so happened Madisen didn't know about it. So, I guess this is something I need to figure out how to deal for upcoming secrets . I know she is not going to grow up telling me everything like Madisen, who tends to tell on herself. With Kailey I'll just have to start getting better tactics, like spying, sneaking around and bribery I guess. ( Oh dear God, I'm turning into my Mother!) I'll have to start now before those teenage years are here, and I'm out in left field trying with my pants down wondering what to do. Oh how I'm dreading them already.


  1. Aww poor thing.. but if it was over something so petty why didn't she just tell you about it. Did she think you would have gotten upset because she went to the principles office?

    Hope your days are going well and yes I've seen those fake eyelashes that last a month but I bet those would be very expensive every month :D

  2. You have the most interesting blog I have seen in a long time, full of personality! very well done.
    here's my blog on the baby years:

  3. Don't dread the teenage years! With love and support, and a great relationship with your kids, you can have teenagers who actually love you, and want to be be with their parents. Teenagers who are not peer-dependent, but also love friends. :)

    I can attest, I'm 15, turning 16 next week, and that's how it is here. :) Feel free to pop over to my blog!

    God bless,

  4. Ha! Ha! This reminded me of my 5 year old daughter. She did the same thing. She was all excited and handed me a piece of paper saying, "Mommy! Mommy! I got my report card!" It was a behavior notice from her teacher letting me know that my daughter was in the principal's office.



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