Monday, March 3, 2008

Mayday Mayday moms down

(Warning; while reading this, please back away from the monitor)

Lucky me, yesterday morning I woke up sick. I don't have a doctor’s opinion but I am diagnosing myself with the Flu. I have Fever, chills, coughing, headache, sore throat, nausea and everything else above (In other words..'I'm dying'!). With the flu going around here rapid, I can only guess I picked it up at Wal-mart. With all the germ infested buggies there, I'm sure that's what did it. I slather in germ-X, every time I shop but it must not have been enough. With all the hackers out there that won't stay home when they are sick (thank you very much) I may have even gotten it air borne. Regardless I have been on couch duty and being avoided like the plague. With it being Monday and having no help and my household duties still await me. Unfortunately there was no way to call in sick and so I am forced to keep up the pace. The fact that Jacob is now crawling, our house isn't completely child proof, he learned to get out of his walker, and he isn't fond of staying in the playpen, makes it hard to rest. I was hoping the kids would hold off on getting this until I am better. But with Jacob already not sleeping well and fussy, I am sure he is taking it already. He has done nothing but cry and nothing seems to please him. It's only an hour before I try and drive to pick up the girls. Jacob is now asleep and I don't see the cleanup fairies coming anytime soon, so I will painful force myself out from underneath the covers to get things done. Please make it end!!

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April 12, 2007
Sick Bear™ ContestWritten by Janice
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  1. That sucks that your sick. I'm sure everyone will understand if you don't do house chores. I think my hubby is coming down with the flu. He has all the symptoms too.

  2. Ewe! Sorry to hear that you're not well, hopefully you are better today. I got the fabulous flu a couple weeks ago, but my oldest daughter was on winter break so I didn't have to deal with school stuff with her. My son missed out on preschool that day, I felt way too terrible to take him. I hope you're feeling better and that no one else in your home gets it! :)

    **thanks for coming by my blog and commenting!!!


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