Friday, March 7, 2008

That's it your GROUNDED

Yesterday after school I had to ground Kailey. She had the phone, computer and TV taken away until Saturday. All of which she just can't live without. Last night with nothing else to do, she somehow convinced Madisen to play with her instead of watching TV. After an entire week of nothing but fighting I heard them in their room laughing and playing together. As much as I was relieved to hear them actually getting along and playing, I was a little concerned. Isn't she supposed to be moping around learning a lesson, being grounded? It was as if she wasn't even on punishment playing and having fun. Makes me wonder should next time I say "Your grounded from your sister?".


  1. Sounds like she and her sister are learning the very important lesson of how to have fun without watching t.v. or playing on the computer. I think that's great! Kaily is still missing out on some of her favorite activities for a few days.

    P.S. Thanks for popping over to my blog and saying hello!

  2. I have to agree with Chris. Sounds like they're finding out how to have fun without technology and with each other :) That's a pretty good lesson :)

  3. Sounds like it is working! Way to go Mom.
    I have been cutting WAY WAY back on the amount of TV, computer, technology for my boys. Interestingly after I began this cut back I heard something on an NPR podcast (most e-mailed stores 2-22-08) about the difference in children today and children 50 years ago in their ability to play imaginatively/independently and self monitor behavior. The average 7 year today does almost as well as the 3 year old of yesteryear. Seriously scary. More play less technology!

  4. I only hope when my daughter is old enough to ground she'll take it that well!

    Besides, if it weren't for her sister she may start talking to people who aren't there but talk back like my peanut has been doing!

  5. she will never know you were happy or guilty about her punishment! that does rock they can get along, maybe it will prompt them to play more when punishment is over!

    thanks for commenting on my blog! i love the page tear comment - i have ripped too.... why carry the whole magazine around!

    love your blog! i have one boy, pink is a completely different world!

  6. I love this post! Kids will always find some way to make fun out of punishment. I know I did!


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