Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thirteen things about Madisen's Boo-Boo at school

1. She was running and having fun playing kickball .

2. Kayla tripped her and made her fall.

3. Blood was gushing EVERYWHERE.

4. Ms. Hept came running and carried her inside.

5. Everyone thought she was dying! (including her)

6. The teachers poured alcohol (peroxide) on it and boiled her knee.

7. They put lots of band aids on it.

8. She was still crying so they brought her candy.

9. She raced the teacher back down the stairs (the teacher informed me)

10. Back in the classroom she got lots of hugs and attention from the teacher.

11. Her friend Brianna told her it wasn't fair she was getting all the attention.

12. With a pouty lip, she limped to the car very slowly to come home.

13. She has propped her bum leg up on pillows and is now resting watching cartoons.


  1. Poor little punkin! I hope she feels better soon. Isn't having girls fun?

  2. Ouch!!! That is so typical her friend was upset about her getting attention.

    Hope her leg heals quickly and she feels better soon.

  3. The drama that is....girls. My Big Sis soaks up the sympathy, and then decides the band-aid "doesn't match her outfit"

  4. Hehehe... at the best friend being jealous of her getting all the attention!

  5. Jee when I used to play kickball and scraped up something they used to just yell at me to hurry up, get up and get the ball lol!

    Hope she's feeling better =)

  6. Oh I'm glad I didn't pass out - just the mention of blood makes me woozy (good thing I'm not a nurse!) I hope she's all better soon.

  7. It's definitely fair to get everyone's attention, and to have cute band aids too. :)

  8. Enjoyed reading about the boo boo. My 17 year old still gets them - no matter how old they get they're still your babies.

  9. Oh my gosh! Can you believe Brianna?!

    I hope your daughter's feeling better now.


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