Friday, March 14, 2008

There was no period in the whole story

Tonight both of the girls are off to sleep overs, leaving the house in unsettling silence. Kailey went to a friend’s house for a party and sleep over after school. I know she is in good hands but still my stomach is in knots with her gone. Madisen decided to go to my mom’s since Kailey is away. Kailey has yet to call home so I assume she is having a blast. She was already in sleepover mode when I left her this afternoon, and she ignored me talking to her friends. Madisen on the other hand has called three times in the last hour. She has yet to mention the big incident at school, which she told my mom about nonstop the entire way home from school. Apparently when she was in the bathroom today at school, and some older girl started her period for the first time. The whole incident was taking place when Madisen walked in the bathroom. She told my mom some girl was in the bathroom with blood all over her panties and …down there too! The girl was screaming and crying to other girls in the bathroom that she was dying. Madisen said she really thought she was dying, so she immediately started praying for her. As the other girls ran and got the teacher, Madisen panicked and made her way back to class. (I would imagine everyone there probably heard all about it. No doubt my little drama queen freaked out the entire class. So much for that girl’s privacy, huh) Well, she continued to tell my mom, she thinks the girl doesn’t eat enough and that’s why it happened. Which leaves me curious to know what else was said in class. My mom said she wasn’t going to touch the conversation with a ten foot pole, and refused to even comment on the story. I guess when she comes home I will have some explaining to do on her level about the situation. Until then I will at least know she will be eating well and she won’t forget her bedtime prayers.


  1. I would talk to my daughter about her period at an early age. I think it's important so that they don't have these kinds of accidents and freak out.

  2. Gotta LOVE those convos! I had to have it early with my eldest (who still hasn't started at 14!), because an 8-year-old in our old neighborhood started...gulp...SO.NOT.READY....

  3. I always wondered how the scenario in "Carrie" was plausible.

    Here it is all over again.

    In my Catholic school in the early 70s we got the film in 5th grade. Any girls who were likely to mature early were allowed to attend a year or two earlier.

  4. I dread that kind of moment. I know it's coming in the not too distant future.

    Thanks for posting about it.

  5. Cklicked on you at Top Momma...what a neat blog.
    Poor Gramma *L* I remember reading some book to my gramma when I was a kid and the menstruation came up. I asked her what that word was and she acted suddenly strange then told me to ask my mom *L*

  6. That is hilarious! I hope no one was seriously traumatized. Reminds me I need to get serious about having the "talk" with my 4th grader. I've been putting it off for too long.


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