Thursday, March 6, 2008

Who new a sticker could cost so much!

If you will notice my inspection sticker says May ,07. To some they would be in an absolute panic seeing how we are in March, 08 and this means I am beyond late for an inspection. Every year it's the same story for whatever reason, and I am late. It usually takes a ticket to get the attention of my husband to help resolve whatever the issue is of why I haven't gone. Which I have gotten the last three years thanks to road blocks and had to wiggle my way out. For instance, last year dead sticker because my tint was too dark = Ticket. First of all it's not a good idea to run from the road block, you will get caught no matter how soon you turn around. The kids will be scared and a snotty cop will cop an attitude, even if you think of a good excuse... Not that I would know ;) . After that ticket I ended up peeling all the tint off myself. What a mess that was! (Jason knows better than to leave me alone too long.) I then got my inspection, pleaded to the district attorney, got out of court and had no fines. (na-na-na boo-boo... Mr. just got out of training, cop)
Well, this year I actually tried to get my inspection after it was dead for only a couple months ( I know i'll never learn). Seeing how this year our state has a new law, if your vehicle is older than a 95 you will just receive a ticket in the mail. Being a good little girl that gave me a little umph to take it in. Well I was refused service until I get a new tire. I can still see a few tread imprints what's the problem. Now a $39 inspection just went to about $160! I didn't have the $39 to begin with. So seeing how I can't afford that and I don't know how to change the tire to my spare, I sit and wait in desperation for help. Changing a tire was the first thing my dad taught before he would allow me near the vehicle to drive. I guess I should have focused more on that lesson, instead of where I wanted to go once he gave me keys. Even so , if I did go outside and try to figure it out on my own I still would be stuck. Lucky me my check engine
light came on causing more problems. Little red light = No Sticker! My once small problem is slowly growing. Too bad the state doesn't recognize feeding my kids is a little more important than some stupid sticker. So, all I can do is drive scared hoping not to get pulled over again for no reason or get stuck in a yet another road block. Still awaiting my dreaded ticket in the mail. (..Wonder what they do if that's not paid?) Until then hopefully the cops will stay off my back and do something productive. They can start by wiping the jelly donut off their face instead of hunting down Innocent women. In any case if I turn up missing I may be in a cell with some woman named Berta. All because I don't have the money to pay for a ticket, get my car fixed and get a STICKER!!


  1. lol I'm guessing you're having some serious issues with the police, just like i do. They annoy me. And yea that tire is a bit bald. My dad tried to teach me how to change a tire. I wasn't paying enough attention and I pray to dear god I have to never change a tire =)

  2. I'm really considering buying a humidifier. Do you think that might loosen up his cough. It almost sounds like a bark I'm scared he's going to bust something if his cough doesn't soothe down a bit.

    I didn't know if you wanted my to reply to your question here on your comments or on your email.. oops =)

  3. I've been meaning to buy a vaporizer but they also say just using a pan of boiling water as a steamer works, but that's only a while, as to the vaporizer is on all night circulating the room right? Maybe I'll go and get it here in a minute thanks =)

  4. Funny story but it's outrageous what they charge for an inspection sticker!! Thanks for visiting my blog! I really appreciate it! :D

  5. Hey! My name is Berta! Just kidding! That was funny! And those tires are BALD!!! We don't have to do inspections here anymore!

  6. That totally sucks!! I am so glad that here in Manitoba, Canada we only have to get our cars safetied (inspected) when we buy them, or after they have been in a major accident. What hassle you have to go through!

    Hang in there!


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