Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Toddler Tales

Ever since Madisen was a toddler she has loved clothes. Before kindergarten she would sneak clothes into a back pack where ever she went. She was always changing clothes, all day everyday. I tried hanging all of her clothes up high in the closet to keep her from getting them. Still that didn't work, I would still catch her trying to climb on something to reach them. Before you knew it here she would be wearing something different or just layers upon layers of clothes. I remember, one time I was in a rush to get her to a Dr.'s appointment. Late after driving across town I jump out of the car to get her out. Little did I imagine what I would find in the car seat. There she sat in a pajama top and a pair of shorts, hair all a mess. I just panicked in disbelief trying to get her descent enough to go in.
Well, most kids go through a stage and then it's done with. Well not Mady now at age 7 she is still doing this! Every day after school she raids her pantie drawer and heads for the closet. After cleaning all day it drives me crazy to peak in her room and see the drawers hanging out with clothes spewing out of them. Hangers and clothes all over the floor. While she's running around in outfit after outfit. By evening there's toys and clothes all over and you can't even see the floor. The next morning I can't even distinguish what's clean and what isn't. That is if she doesn't clean up the night before. If for some blessing she does then clean clothes are tossed in the laundry, while others are crammed in the closet hanging on to dear life on hangers. I can just see she is going to be the teenager girl I dread. She'll be one of those who leave the house and change while their at school. I don't know what I'm going to do with her? All I can say is Thank Goodness Jacob was a boy!


  1. I have a 12 year old niece who has been like that since she was 3. I started having her spend a few weeks in the summer here about 4 years ago and I could not believe how many times she changed.

    BTW...thanks for visiting.

  2. stop buying her clothes! haha!

  3. That is hilarious! Not fun for you, having to clean up after her, but still... very adorable. Maybe someday she'll be a famous fashion designer and take care of you... Buy you a nice car and a huge house :o) That would be nice payback for all of the days worth of putting things away!!


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