Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Drink it and lets go!

I'm still battling the flu and I am really dreading the kids getting it. I know from when I used to work in the hospital vitamin C is a huge benefit when you are sick. Taking 2,000 mgs day once you first start felling sick will really help. (No, it won't kill you. Sure it may give you a little twitch but isn't that worth feeling better..Just kidding) Really, a lot of those in health professions swear by it. It seems to help you get over your sickness a lot faster than using nothing. For the kids I am just pushing a lot of vitamin C through orange juice, because they can't take the vitamins. Now Kailey loves oranges but this morning decided she hated orange juice. It's all because I said she needed to drink it because it was good for her. You would have thought I was giving her slop, a ground up vitamin drink or something. Here she sat making faces, and holding her nose to drink. It took her 45 minutes to get down half a glass. I never knew drinking a glass of squeezed oranges and sugar could be so difficult. Tired and sick I was not amused in the least little bit. I don’t understand why they have to be so difficult when you’re sick. It’s like they gang up on you and decide to kick you when you’re down. The fighting increases, homework becomes a struggle, all rules just go flying out the window as if they never existed. Let me tell you, their just loving taking advantage of the situation. If I didn’t feel like complete total crap I’d kill em, for sure.
Here’s a little tid bit for Kailey to prove mommies not just some crazy fool.
"Vitamin C is prized for its immune boosting benefits to the body. When you get a cold or the flu, the virus tends to attack your healthy blood cells, which then have fight back – this makes you tired and drains you of energy. When you drink orange juice or any other citrus juice packed with vitamin C, you are literally giving your healthy blood cells a boost of power to repel those nasty cold germs. Many people choose to take the tablet form of vitamin C. Either way, vitamin C is one of the most powerful home remedies you can take to fight off a cold." (http://www.1minutesolutions.com/)

Sorry for my lame post, but Give me a break. Did I not just say I don't feel good. Man, what do I need to do to get some symaphy around here.


  1. LOL I sympathy for you! I mentioned too that my hubby was sick and I tell him and tell him and tell him to drink OJ because it DOES help. But I'm guessing freshly squeezed OJ is better than the containers right? =)

  2. My husband is glad to hear that his right about something - he should be taking that amount of VIT C - I always maintained that half it went down the toilet so there is no point in drink so much.

    thanks for the info.

    Cyber Hugs

  3. Something I learned to love when I was working at Walmart...Emergen-C is a GREAT source of Vitamin C...and (to me) tastes great...you get a LOT more vitamin C than you'd get out of a similar sized glass of OJ...I would have 3 per day, and more than triple the RDA of Vitamin C.

    Hope everyone feels better soon!!


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