Friday, February 29, 2008

Baby Decor and more..

Back when I was searching for cute nursery decor for Jacob’s room, I found this site. I fell in love with all the cute things. This boutique has quality artwork and it's all extremely affordable. I have the Bunny Gingham collection in my nursery and it's so cute. I also love all the girly things she has and would love to add to girls room. There are also some great ideas for low budget decorating, and a drawing giveaway each month.Best of all there's Free shipping !


Look how precious these are


  1. Those are cute. Do you have those in his room? I never really got to decorate my little ones room =( But I definetly make up for it now with all that Disney princess stuff =)

  2. I have those of the three bunnies in his room. I matted them and hung them with plaid ribbons.


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