Thursday, May 29, 2008

Planning what I hope is not a big headache

Today I have been running all day, getting ready for tomorrows big road trip. We're (Yes, somehow I managed to convince/guilt the hubby into it.) going with the girls on a school field trip. We are driving 2 hours away to visit an amusement park! All parents will be driving instead of taking a bus, Thank Goodness! The trip will be bad enough traveling with just my own two, more less dealing with 30 or so others! I have tons of things to do like run all over buying last minute necessities, and pack by 6 am in the morning. So, tried and out of breath off I go run run run... (crossing my fingers & hoping we have lots of fun!)
Check list for packing the car
1.Lots of snacks (Busy mouths can't complain about how much further it is! And we all know Madisen is always starving.) Check
2.Cooler with drinks (Setting myself up for disaster on a long highway with no bathrooms!!) Check
3.Two Walkmans, extra batteries and music Check
4.Ear plugs (I wish!) , For all the loud singing they will be doing. (Each singing to different songs on their walk-mans!) Check
5.Games, for after they are bored with the music Check
6.Puke bags (for the curvy mountain roads) Check
7.Extra clothes, towels,garbage bags,carpet cleaner & jug of water (Just in case they miss the puke bag and we repeat the last time we made this trip!) Check, check, double check check!
8.Nerve pills ( I wish!) & Anti-nausea medicine for me ( just in case I have to clean up puke!) I wish - Check
9.Pillows For the ride home ( After all the excitement where's off,they finish rambling about their day, and crash!) Check-ity check check...

Need help planning a trip?
I found my games, coupons and tips at;
And, Even with having plenty of experience with Kiddie road trips,
I found this video very useful!
Although, the kids in this video make me want to start unpacking, Now!
(Darn it! Was that field trip this week?... Mommy forgot all about it, too bad maybe next time!)


  1. hey Johnina,
    Hope you guys have great fun during your trip!
    i loved the video, it's really stuff everyone could use...that little guy saying 'let's hit the road' was hilarious!

  2. thanks for the tips and I wish you lots of luck - perhaps you'll end up with the kids being just like your wordless wednesday. Can't wait to read about how it all goes.

  3. I had to smile when I read your post. Friday my son will be going on a school field trip. To the zoo. Unfortunately I won't joining his class. GUILT.

    Have fun on your field trip!

  4. I hope you had a great trip. We'll be doing a two day drive later in the summer which I have already begun to dread. However, I'm checking out that site for some good ideas. Thanks

  5. This comes in real handy! We're going away next weekend for the first time as a family and it's 6 hours away. Thanks!!!!

  6. hope you have fun!

    Er - the video - who gives their kids yogurt in the car???

  7. Now I am scared. In August my husband and I are planning to take our son(who will be 7 months at that time) on a 16 hour road trip to see my brother graduate. Hope we survive! Good luck on yours!

  8. Wow, I hope you are having a lot of fun on your fieldtrip!

  9. well well well, aren't you miss "got it all together?" Touch you!

  10. A school field trip? The only thing good about those is that you realize that out of all those other kids, you can be damn glad you only have to go home with the ones that belong to you.

  11. Update? Do we get an update??


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