Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's called Fishing NOT Catching sweetie

Today we decided to take the kids fishing. Seeing how the last time we attempted this we were on a lake, spent a ton of money renting a boat and were rained out. (which was the only way the line got wet!) We felt it was long over due, and with a bright sunny day why not!

We picked out a spot out on a creek bank, other than a little wind you could say it was a perfect. Unloaded all our gear (which with a baby is like camping out, you bring everything you own!), and only stayed long enough to slather on some sunscreen and get a fishing line stuck in a tree. In less than two feet of a rocky creek branch with a rushing current, it was like fly fishing trying to keep the line from getting stuck. We knew if we stayed the day would be destined to end in tears and decided to move to a better location (a local lake)...
Notice here how everyone is so far ahead of me going to the car. That's because I'm behind toting the baby and all the gear loaded in the stroller. What you can't see in this picture is the ground is very uneven, full of high weeds, and I'm trying to push a stroller with one hand that is clearly not designed for this rugged terrain! Yet, not a care off they go...

Once at the lake we found an awesome spot with a park bench and all. The best part was we could park right at the water. (No toting, yeah!!!) The very first line Madisen threw in she caught her very first fish. In the process of taking it off the line daddy accidentaly slipped and lost the fish back in the water. (which she has yet to let him live down!)

Everything would have been perfect had the lockness monster not showed up. (my biggest fear!) About 3 feet in front of me I see a snake come charging out of the water towards me! Once he popped his head up luckily my screaming scared him back in the water. Up on top of the bench I was ready to abandon all children and run for my life. Unfortunately he wasn't scared off for good. At one point he caught a fish and was standing way up out of the water like a cobra. Holding this fish again he was heading my way! Once Jason scared him in another direction I felt safe to take a picture of him. (Safe, yet still ready to pack up and go home!)

The children were left terrified at my performance and it changed their entire outlook on fishing.
After seeing the snake Madisen's started screaming in terror "something has my line!!" (in her mind it was a snake). At that point were all yelling hurry get it , it's a Fish!! Turned out to be this tiny little 3 in fish, which to hear her tell it now it was 5 ft!

Kailey unfortunately had many bites but didn't catch any fish. All in all there was no complaining or whining to leave, which made for a perfect time. In fact, Kailey didn't understand why we had to leave before she could catch a fish. (we stayed 4 hours!)


  1. oh goodness!
    the last time i tried fishing was when i was 11 or 12 and me and my friend Claire kept catching the same fish and putting it back because it was tiny!

    and sorry to hear about that doctor, he seemed nice.

    Lots of Love,
    Age oxoxoxoooxxxx

  2. What a great day you guys had!
    You are so lucky all the fishing I ever did when I was little was put a fishing line rapped around a pier railing and waited to see if the fish would bite. My Dad would go on to the rocks and get some mussels and use it for this day I won't eat Mussels!

  3. Thanks for the pictures, they are lovely. It sounds like a wonderful day (except for the part where you had to carry everything and the kitchen sink). I LOVE your take on life. You should think about writing a book on child-rearing. I'm not the only one who thinks that way either. My friend, who introduced me to your blog, thinks the same thing.

  4. Awww, the snake liked you! It was bringing you a present!

    We don't fish anymore. Now we just cast our line without a hook with some bread on the end of the line. I guess it's more like feeding the fish than fishing.

  5. The first thing we want to do with our boys when we get back home is go fishing! That looks like a great time! minus the snake..

  6. so cute - my son keeps asking hubbie did youget a fishing license yet???
    That snake - YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!!

  7. thanks for sharing your day! My kids would be jealous so I'm not telling them about this either... Loved your pics btw!

  8. What a wonderful day with the family! But the snake, it looks huge!!!! I, too, had another snake experience while we were biking on Saturday! It slid across the bikle path and hubby ran over it accidentally, I swear, as it struck at his tire. Being run over did not phase that thing....just got massive goosebumps!!


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