Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Pool Puleeze!

I took KaileyShopping yesterday to pick out a new bathing suit. The thoughts of her tushie hanging out of a skin tight bikini bottom (2 sizes too small), was enough incentive to warrant
needing a new one. After all, school will be out soon and we will be spending many days at the local pool.
Which reminds me, I think we will need to rethink the need of buying a plastic pool for the yard this year.
Good reasons
No waisting gas at $4.00 a gallon!

No fees to swim
Not having to keep up with two kids and a baby at an over crowded pool. (with every darecare/camp visiting)
Not having to leave 15 minutes after arriving with disappointed kids, because the pool was evacuated due to a poop log swimming in the pool. (which has happened three times! Nasty daycare kids, it's just NOT funny anymore!)
the list is endless...
So were shopping and I let her take a pile of bathing suits in the dressing room to pick one. She had a blast and I was just happy I wasn't the one trying them on. Having to look in the mirror and see every flaw you own...TORTURE! She's still young and firm so to her is was just alot of fun. I am just thrilled she is still at the age where I can influence her into getting what pleases me. I'm sorry but I don't know of any 10 year old that needs a push up padded bikini top! What are these manufactures thinking? I mean really Come ON! What is it exactly they think they are going to squeeze and push up? (Nothing on my daughter, that's all I know!)

I remember when I was little my bathing suits were alot more wornout then theirs gets. The bottom print would be wore down white through the fabric. From scraping my butt on the cement steps of our pool in Florida. One thing their bathing suits will never endure in a little play pool. They get swimming lessons where as my mom just threw me in and you either sank or learned real fast how to swim. All part of the memories I was talking about last night at the dinner table. That was till Jason descided to try and out do me. (silly man) Going on and on about how he had a pool growing up too. The facts;
Jason & his pool-
Grew up way North where it's cold (my thoughts...I didn't think people had backyard pools up there. )
Probably only had two months of the summer, when he could actually swim because of the cold
Turns out his pool was only 4-5 ft deep, and needed to be assembled. (You mean, Blowing it up??)
And...It was an above ground pool!!
My pool-
was in my back yard
you could swim all year round
A Concrete pool below the gound
9ft in the deep end
And Had a diving board
I told him he didn't have a Real pool, he had a Wal-mart pool!
Needless to say, he had plenty to rebuttle and didn't like my Wal-mart comment!
( yeah yeah yeah, so you had some little deck built around it, and it took more than air to put it together...Bah ha ha ha!)
In the end I still won the challenge with.... "Oh Yeah well I got to go to Beach, Everyday!"
(Daytona Beach, So... nana nana boo boo stick your head in doo doo)

PS: Turns out he didn't even have walmart!


  1. I love your blog!!! This post is great! I'm so excited for summer:)
    I really enjoy reading your blog!!!

  2. Hi,
    When I was little we lived in Sacramento CA and used to go to the El Camino High School Pool or Aerojet's swimming pool, it was like a country club...we also had a blow up pool and a very little dough-boy pool.
    My two sisters and I had a blast!!!! Enjoy the summer with your little ones they will remember these times forever!

  3. Just stopping in to say Hi! I love this post...too funny!


  4. This is too funny. I lived further south and had an inground pool with a bouncy diving board (that was really important in the bragging game because if you had a bouncy diving board, you had a deeper pool) but my poor husband from up north had to just swim in the creek across the street. Yup, uptown girl married to a downtown boy. Have a blast this summer and I totally vote for the pool in your backyard. So much easier than lugging them somewhere.

  5. I grew up in FL too!!! Daytona Beack rocks! My grandmother had a timeshare there and since my mom was the only child with kids who were still children (she was the youngest to have kids), we got to go for two weeks every summer. It was AWESOME! The timeshare was actually in Daytona Beach Shores, but it still rocked, and only people who have lived there know the difference. :)

  6. ah - swimming. I was on the local swim team FOR YEARSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I hate to swim now! Seriously, I won't get into the water now with my children if the water is cold. TOOO TOOO many long hours spent swimming laps in freezing water for years!!! Oh, and my swimsuit looked like yours as well from hours and hours of chlorine!!!

  7. I love you blog. The fact that you readily admit to getting down and dirty with you husband like two year olds is awesome. That is the type of things that make children laugh and know that they are a real fimily. Your blog always makes me laugh or cry or at least smile even on my worse days (today being one of those). I would feel a great loss if I could not read your blog everyday.

  8. Great post today. Made me LOL.

    I totally remember those pool days when i was younger. Sink or swim child. Or even better: go out and play with the hose. Yeah, just the hose.

  9. ::shudder:: I'd have been locked inside the car after that, you're braver than me. I hate snakes...and spiders. Ick. But yay for a fun fishing experience!

  10. Aww, I remember those days where buying a swimsuit was fun and worry free.

  11. Love Your Blog!!
    I'm not a mother but have many nieces and nephews and everytime I need to go shopping for their birthdays, Xmas etc... I'm shocked at what kids clothes look like these days. My biggest gasp moment when I went with a friend and his 9 year old daughter clothes shopping and there was thongs in her size!!!!! I couldn't believ it! Why would they even make these and are there any parents out there that actually let their little girls were them?????
    AAUUGGHHH........ They're totally forcing the kids to grow up to fast!!

  12. Oh dear, I live up North, I guess, New York state...we have a pool, and guess what? It isn't quite ready yet, but neither is the weather! And we had no Wal-Mart here until 10 years ago or so...it was only K-Mart for us!

  13. Oh to be young again and love the way you look in a swimsuit. I loooooooong for those days again. ha

  14. wow you two...Did you blow on your pistols before putting them back in the holsters? *wink*
    I did the bathing suit thing too for Sissy. I bought her shorts to go over it because doggone it her 9 year old booty rocks and she has a small waist, making matters worse. Her little body outdoes mine from the rear and it's just wrong I tell you, wrong! No way will I have men looking at that. They have some sleazy suits for our baby girls!


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