Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen ways the economy has effected our kitchen

1. "We're out of Ketchup!", Run out to the car there's some in the glove box. "Ewe, Yuck!'s coming out brown , that's Gross! Is this gonna make us sick? I'm not eating that!" (How long has it been since we went to McDonald's?)... "Honey does Ketchup go bad?!"
2."Where's the paper towels, are we out?" ...."No, There's some in the bathroom we're out of toilet paper!"
3. ( Is there not a freaking grocery store that doesn't carry cheap plastic bags? All these have holes in them! Don't they know I need them for trash bags? I mean really it's going to take three just to be strong enough to hold anything.)
4."It smells like the toast is burning!" ... ( Dang it, I'll just have to scrape it off with a knife, because that was the last of the bread.)
5."You bought us little Debbie's ?!!!", "Wow!...Your the best mom ever thank you, thank you, thank you!" (And we just thought this wasn't effecting them.)
6. "I'll cook them on the grill and I promise you'll never taste the freezer burn."
7. "What are toasty O's?...Mom!, I told you I wanted Cheerios!, The prize on the front isn't even in the box!"
8. "I thought you went grocery shopping?".....( I did! and that was all I could get. )
9. "Don't eat any more and we can have this again tomorrow!"
10. Half of my kitchen has been dark for a while now, because we ran out of light bulbs and we'd rather eat than see.
11. "Jason, can you believe the stupid chicken decided to set on her eggs! And I saw where eggs hit $3 a dozen yesterday!...Yeah don't worry my mom chased her off !"
12. Whining "Not spaghetti again!" (I admit that was me)
13. We're Out of Milk..."We're All gonna Die!!"


  1. oops... the link on Mr Linky is to an old post. Here is my current TT:

  2. I feel your pain, sistah! What about the price of milk?

    I am thinking about going back to working the streets, it paid more than blogging. I must have been a better ho than writer ... ha ha ha !

  3. Great list, it's interesting how we each decide to make cut backs... Happy TT!

  4. Sucks doesn't it? I hate dealing with the 2 teen boys, and a tween daughter who compain. Sometimes the husband can be the worst complainer though.
    Great TT, humorous and yet it hits home too :)
    Mine is posted @ The Cafe if you'd like to pop by.

  5. LOL ~ I wish it wasn't all so very true! Your house sounds a lot like mine!

  6. 13. We're Out of Milk..."We're All gonna Die!!"

    Kekekekeke!!! You are one of my favorite reads.

  7. This sounds too familiar. Where in the world are the stimulus checks? I know they are just waiting to send mine until all of my cupboards are bare and the bills are unpaid. Then when I do finally get it, some emergency will pop up that will eat it all. Augghhh.

  8. Haha, awesome! That milk one especially rings a bell. We always joke we should just buy a cow and keep her in the backyard.

  9. I can't keep food in my house either - and my kids are still little!!!!!!

  10. i need your help...please check out my blog, your very best friend!

  11. Were you a stand up comedian in a past life.. UR2funny. Not the situation but your approach :)

  12. LOL I think we've done most of those! Going to have to go back to using my coupons again!

  13. My lord, are you in my head? I swear we go thru the same thing here everyday, hehehehehe!

  14. This was pretty doggone funny. You're more frugal than we are! If we're in a money crunch, we thin "eating what we want, or line of credit....hmmm....line of credit"
    Bad, I know!

  15. That was freakin HILARIOUS!!!!

  16. Isn't it about the truth? I swear...


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