Thursday, May 15, 2008

Time after Time

First of all let me say, I know how everybody is glad to see rainbow bright, strawberry shortcake and all the other pathetic comebacks from our childhood. (I know not really it's like why can't they come out with something new , right? No one played with them then and they won't now!) Let's all agree and leave all that junk back in the 80's! Although, I am thrilled the bell bottoms I swore I would never wear, came back. (Somebody, please tell me what ever possessed us to tight roll our pants? What were we Thinking?!)
( Please press play on the player, to go back in time...)

This all brings me to letting you know No Cindy Lauper not is back!
Thank goodness!
(Even though some days I wonder when I see girls getting off the public school bus dressed like floozies.)

Today was dress funky Day at school!

(Wait a minute...What is Kailey doing in that 2nd picture?
She looks like she's mentally challenged and has to pee!)
Oh my! Anyways, They didn't tell me until 20 minutes before walking out the door, So I had to quickly throw something together. (I know , it's not my best work!)
A couple things you can't see;
1. Kailey is wearing Christmas socks with feathers around the top.
2. Madisen's pants and are pink camouflage with flowers.
3. Madisen's socks have a golfer's pattern on them.
4. The neighbors are driving by starring.
5. Jacob is hanging on to my boob for dear life while I take the pictures.

I was a little worried, when we arrived at school and all the other kids I saw were dressed in their school uniforms. (Yet I still just drove off! ) Was it really dress funky at school day? My children have been known to get days mixed up. I had no note, and had heard no announcement. The first I had even heard about it was this morning. I was going on their instructions alone, hoping they knew what they were talking about. So far I haven't received any school phone calls, so that's good. Last thing I want is to hear something like this;

Mrs. Regish, I'm sure you understand the children should not be dressing themselves. Our school has rules and standards, and their attire is just well um...Unacceptable!! Could you please come bring your children a pair of regular school clothes.

If I'm lucky maybe I'll arrive to pick them up and they will be wearing some of the schools clothes, with a teacher to greet me. Wouldn't that be embarrassing!
I remember when I was in school and if your shirt had anything on it derogatory it had to be put inside out. Or, girls if your shirt was too low cut, you were made to wear some gawd awful school shirt until someone brought you something. In that case you weren't supposed to leave the house with that on anyways, and you wait till you get home! So, because you were sneaky and changed at a friends house, you were now forced to wear the puke green stained polo all day for punishment!
Boy times have changed, or have they?


  1. I know what you mean about come backs. I was shopping for my cousins little girl who turned 8 recently, and I was shopping in Target and saw that caboodles are back (or did they ever go away). She was excited about the make up box, and thought the the Big C on the box was cool cause everyone would know it was hers since her name is Cypress. Then her mom pointed out that it was the name of the company it's called Caboodles (she was like what kind of name is Caboodles, and rolled her eyes). My cousin's wife and I got a giggle. lol...

  2. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo on to you! You were laying under a pile of dirty laundry in that post from Tuesday. Now because you were goofing around, you have no clean uniforms for your kids.

  3. fun fun fun!
    At least the girls will dress up!
    My son REFUSES to participate in any of the dressup days!!

  4. We are going to have to relive the 80's. Do you remember parachute pants? haha.
    I hope it was the right day, if not they look great~!

  5. Okay, we had spirit week in high school and one of the days was look your best. So I borrowed one of my grandmother's designer gowns and decked myself out in make-up, hair and costume jewelry. When my coach picked me up in the morning, she was laughing so har she couldn't talk. It was look your best in YOUR UNIFORM. Apparently there was an open house and big wigs were visiting. I changed into my volleyball uniform for the rest of the day.

  6. I know that some of the 80's fashions were pretty bad (I'm still having neon colors flashbacks!!!). But I have to disagree about Cindy Lauper, I simply loved her, still do. Her music always puts me in a good mood. So...she was an eccentric, who wasn't back then? I just keep hoping that I will never have to see someone wearing a neon pink shirt, neon green pants, big neon anycolor earrings and big hair with a ton of hairspray to make sure it STAYS up.

  7. Ok don't kill me, but in my neighborhood your weren't cool if you didn't play with rainbow bright or strawberry shortcake.

    Now having said that there are things that should just be left where they came from particularly the tight rolled pants. I don't think I have the strength in my hands to do that anymore. All yeah and the rediculous sized hair and bangs from the 80's. What were we thinking?

  8. Outnumbered - that is the funniest story about you I have ever heard!

  9. The pic of your girls is great! They seem to have alot of personality. So, I remember wearing a t-shirt and looping it in the front to make it a belly shirt in the summer....OMG! What was I thinking???

    Check out my page!

  10. I, uh... still peg my pant legs sometimes, just for the giggle. Heh... *runs*

  11. So WAS it Dress Funky Day after all? Can't wait to find out! I'm always nervous if I can't find Official Notification of some sort, so I call other parents to verify Sketchy Information from the kiddo to avoid situations just like this. :)

  12. I am loving the pic of your girls. It looks like they were having so much fun...totally worth it, even if it wasn't really dress funky day.

    Remember those strange clips we used to thread our t-shirts through. They went perfectly with tight rolled jeans.

  13. I'm waiting for the Glamour Shots....

    Even if I have been given 3 weeks notice for something school related, I inevitably, will wait until the last second to throw something together. Or I'll find myself up until 3 am trying to whip, sew, cook, paint, glue, write, craft some deal for my kids.

    Unfortunately, they have a tendency to "forget" to show me the form sent home 2 weeks prior and then tell me like right as I am tucking them in to bed "uh mom, by the way, I need 3 dozen brownies for school tomorrow and they can't all be the same kind and they need to be indivudually wrapped. And oh yeah, can you deliver them tomorrow at exactly 10:03am?"

    That's my life...Love every second of it. Come read my new post...bad news :( I'll take every crazy moment from here on out. I don't think I'll ever yell at them again for stupid things that mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. After all this, I just realized that it's just not important.

  14. come see me for a bit - i've left you a little flavor

  15. Actually those tight ankled pants thing is back in style with a new name. Now they are "skinny jeans" and it's all my 14 year old will wear.

    I've seen Cydni Lauper show up on quite a few shows, I think she was even on Hanna Montana one time.

  16. Your girls are beautiful in and out. They seem to love life and everything in it. I suspect they get that from you. It sounds like they had a glorious day. I to detest the 80's. But I do have some fond memories.

  17. Love me some Cyndi Lauper and your girls are precious!

  18. Cool blog! Thanks for sharing :)


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