Friday, May 16, 2008

Beach Baby

Summer 2005

I love this photo, it's also a reminder of this week. I've been letting the girls help, with the planning of Jacob's up coming birthday. I was thrilled to say Yes to Madisen when she excitedly said , " Can I pick what we do for Jake's birthday?". (She's not jealous but helping out, this will be great!) That was until she said "I think Jake wants to go to the beach for his birthday!" . "LOL...I'm sure he does sweetie! It's five hours away and we know how YOU love the beach!". Needless to say she wasn't too thrilled with my answer , and now we are trying to down grade her plans.



  1. I can't say I blame her. Five years of living right beside the ocean got boring after a while, but now that we live so far away, I would like to go for MY birthday, too!

  2. What and adorable picture. I've only been to the beach two times in my life but I loved both experiences.

    If you get a chance come on over to my site, I lfet something for you.

  3. No blame here eather. I always said that if we lived near the beach I would be on it every day. So I got my chance when we moved to Florida. Needless to say, it got old fast. LOL You can't blame a girl for trying. Maybe you can have a mini-beach party at home. Weather permiting of course.

  4. Cute photo!! I believe I subconsciously borrowed your Friday foto idea. I know I have seen them before on your blog but didn't realize until after I did my first Friday Foto last week. Hope you don't mind. I did leave out the word "Fiesta" though :)

  5. You have a different beach than we do. Ours had dead fish and weeds. Drift wood and seagulls, too.

  6. Cute picture! Can't blame her for wanting to go to the beach, it's a wonderful place. Good luck planning the birthday! I think it's great that you're involving the girls, I bet they love it. :)


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