Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What'cha got there, little Birdie?

Yesterday after such a hard day, a little Birdie flew in my blog. While I was shooing my children the birdie thought I was shooing her and she must have accidentally dropped me this award.
No matter how it got here fear, pity, the bread my kids throw outside for the squirrel, I don't care! I'm proud to have it.
I'm not good with sharing but in this case I must so....The award goes to,
Drum roll please!
Oh lets go to a commercial first...

And, Now the moment you've all been waiting for.
The award goes to...

She's very creative and always has the coolest patterns for sewing. Easy made darling little things for girls. Which if I ever have time I will do! (seeing how I can't convince her to do it for me!)
To the funny girl out in Sheboygan, WI we'll send out this award via-snow mobile.
(who ever takes it, make sure you tell her about Britney shaving her head!) Oh my Her wit and wisdom is priceless! Just remember to take a tissue with you, you'll laugh and cry at her posts. (Don't worry it's mostly crying from laughing so hard!)
Apple Joos
Love her tree hugging mind! Just by reading one of her posts she made me loose all track of sanity. I actually pushed all the memories of the torture I went through, when Jake was born and was wanting another. Anyone that can do that in five minutes is due some major credit!

Outnumbered 2 to 1
To the gal who keeps my sides hurting, and my wrinkles coming. No one can make me laugh or slightly pee myself the way she does!

Tiaras and Tantrums
Anyone with kids can relate to her! The trials and smiles of parenting. If she lived closer we could be the mean moms together at school.
(watching the show 'The new adventures of old Christine' we could take lots of notes...think about it!)


  1. I'd like to accept this award on behalf of all my people, because without them none of this would be possible.

    Seriously, it has been a long hard journey for me. I've been blogging since 1962 and this is the first award I have ever received. It all began on a dark, rainy night ... blog blog blog

    Thank you, Johnina, and I assume we are listed in random order because I have no idea why else I am second on the list.

    Last but not least, I would like to thank Widget Makers every where and Al Gore for orchestrating this information to fame we call the Internet.

    Turn of the music, I'm not done yet ..... hey ................

  2. Oh, Johnina, I am so flattered! I always pee myself when I reread my blog but I figured that had more to do with being too lazy for kegels than actually being funny.
    I love your blog and it keeps me smiling every day!

  3. You are so sweet!
    Thanks so much!!
    Love New Adventures of Old Christine - but I like to think I'm not that dopey! HA HA HA

  4. OH MY GOD . . . You totally added a commercial! Well, crack me up and pee my pants!

  5. Hey, what happened to the New Adventures of Old Christine, I love that show and now she left me, too.

    Seriously, she can't be on hiatus and why don't we moms get hiatusssses.

  6. Oh, you shouldn't have!

    No, you should have. I'm awesome.

    Haha! Thanks for the big award, you're the best :)

  7. Awww! I could cry! Thank you so much. To have a blogger as awesome as you say that I'm pretty good too is a huge compliment. Thank you again! Awww! Where did I leave those tissues?

  8. Hey peeps, I just heard the New Adventures of Old Christine has gotten picked up by a new network, any truth to that or must I research that myself.

  9. Don't worry gals she gets stuck all the time on things! (Hence her last name STUCKman!)

    Carrie sweetie, I haven't a clue? I thought it was just the end of the season and she'll be back again in the fall.
    (I bettter get up a new post before she spends all day worring about Christine!)

  10. Alright Johina, oops looks like I left out an "N" just like you did on my last ame, oops just left out another one.

    Make sure you spell that last name correctly. When it comes time for the reading of your will, I don't want to have to compete with anyone that may have a similar name. Got that? Johina ;)

  11. Sorry my bad that's STUCKmann! ;)

    I'll be sure to leave you my Spell Check in my will. Seeing how I never use it!

  12. *tweet*
    Gosh I'm such a slacker. I don't even think I can keep my Bloggers Anonymous standing anymore. What's wrong with me? Maybe I'm only a part-time lover. I'm ashamed...


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