Friday, February 15, 2008

Alright Alright I'm writing..

I was tagged by Karen from; The Rocking Pony Here I am face covered in chocolate drooling over Jason and this crazy chick fiddling with her bra tags me. Had I seen her coming I would have thrown the baby and left the girls to fend for them selves. Instead I’m forced to write 6 weird things about myself. (Really forced... she is standing her with her under wire threatening to poke me in the eye.)
As if everyone didn’t already think I’m weird enough here goes.
1.I unaware say “Say” all the time. It’s like saying “hey’ to get ones attention. Example; “Say, get that wire away see I’m typing!” most of the time I say “Say” until they answer. About everyone I know teases me about it. What’s sad is most of the time I don’t realize it and just keep talking with them.

2.I must have a little fork and spoon when eating. They can’t be real silver either; I hate the way it tastes. It a little embarrassing when company is over and everyone has a large utensil and I’m the only one with a small one. I will even get up and look for one if I get the wrong one. That with the fact I hate eating in front of others doesn’t make for a pleasant time. I get nervous or something and I feel like I eat all funny. I then end up trying to concentrate on eating so hard that I can’t think of what I’m saying. It’s then give or take which is worse the conversation or my eating manners.

3.I do very superstitious things. Such as I carry a rusty nail in my wallet that I found. I believe it’s supposed to keep money for you? So far it doesn’t seem to keep bills in there. So, really I don’t see the purpose. Maybe I should throw it away. Another is if I see a black cat run across in front of my car, I spit on the windshield and make an ‘X’. It’s not something that happens often, but it does happen. This is something passed down through the generations in my family. Why? I don’t know I just do it.

4.If I am extremely tired and I wake up after sleeping a while I will hallucinate and say all kinds of non sense things. I’ve seen huge spiders a lot. Jason’s favorite is the smoke detector light above our bed. He loves getting woke up to me scared out of my mind with the huge spaceship light coming at me. Once I was screaming and when he sat up I thought he was one of two Aliens over me, saying “poke her in the eye”, and I started hitting him and fighting for my life till I woke up. Yes, I would say this is his favorite characteristic of me.

5.I must be obsessed with hygiene. I brush my teeth several times a day. I’ve counted 6 times today and it only 6:30 pm. I’m the same way with deodorant. It’s not like I stink. Just wanting to be fresh I guess. You would think I would just grab a mint and some body spray and call it a day.

6.I can’t stand to have my feet covered up at night. I absolutely feel like I can not breathe. If I don’t notice it I’m okay. Especially if I’m really cold. If Jason curls up to me and my feet are constricted in the covers I start hyperventilating until I get loose. I used to sleep with my head covered up and my feet out, until I had kids. Now I have to hear them so I got over that part. Thank goodness because I’m sure it was really weird for Jason. Like sleeping with a blanket burrito I would imagine.

Well, that’s the 6 I narrowed it down to. If you didn’t read karen’s post first then you really must think I’m weird. Either way I did this crazy task and she can take her bra and go back to her Blog now.
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  1. I finished the assignment, Missy! Thanks for the tag, that was fun!

  2. lol your too funny! You really spit on your windshield and mark an x on it? hahaha. It's funny because I can't sleep in pj pants.. I feel like my legs are suffocating.

    Oh and just noticed you added me to your blog roll! Thanks, I'm going to add you too =)


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