Tuesday, February 5, 2008

At least I found it

If the women at church didn’t have a bad impression of me, they do now. Between hair bows, bottles and diapers I barely have time to get myself ready on Sunday mornings. This past Sunday I ran out the door with my slippers on and high heels in my hand, to finish dressing in the car. My favorite comfy ratty ol slippers I have had since I was pregnant in the hospital with Madisen. Well I’ve been missing a shoe since then and couldn’t figure out what happened to it. That is until I arrived at church yesterday morning to help out. What did I find in the parking lot sitting in the pouring rain? My dirty soggy other shoe! Part of me was too embarrassed to pick it up, but I wanted it so bad. What did I do? I looked to see if anyone was around and ran as fast as I could to pick it up and throw it in the car. A little soap with some bleach and it will be good as new. Once I was coming back from my car I noticed I wasn’t the only one early. I didn’t say anything hoping no one saw me. If they did I can’t imagine what they are thinking. Poor thing she’s that hard up that she has to pick up clothes off the street, I can hear it now. I guess if I get any special treatment from them I will know. Otherwise I’ll nonchalantly be on my way.


  1. Isn't it funny how we get attached to some things and just won't give them up, even when they're dead?

  2. I found you from Karen...

    I would have done that same thing!! There are certain things in my closet that should be burned but I have an attachment to them that I can't explain. DOn't tell my husband though. I throw out those things if they're on his side of the closet...:)

  3. That is so funny. I can imagine seeing someone doing this and thinking, "Okayyyyyy."

    Really, if anyone saw the entire incident, then they were really staring at you for a long time. If they only saw part of it, they are probably curious but won't say anything. Remember...you were at church! =)


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