Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Not a happy camper

At 5am Daddy was being too loud and woke him up early. Everyone was too busy getting ready for school to play with him. He was drug out in the rain during a thunderstorm to take his sisters to school. His morning nap was continuously interrupted by the phone ringing. During lunch after working so hard to grab a foil lid, mommy was so mean and took it away. The cat has been stealing his toys all day. He managed to crawl between the couch and table to grab some cords, but mommy came and snatched him up. He crawled as fast as he could but it wasn’t enough. Then she just had to vacuum, even though she knows he’s terrified of it. Heart beating and tears welling up she had to put him down to put away the vacuum. He’s been in so much pain cutting 4 upper teeth, and its given him diarrhea. Cranky he had a ba-ba and snuggled with mommy, just to fall asleep in time to leave 10 minutes later to pick up his sissys. Who come home ill and won't let him play with them. Bless his heart he's had a rough day. I would be ill too!


  1. Oh, poor little guy.

    Well, that's life with older siblings. :)

  2. Aww he did have a rough day. And he's cutting FOUR teeth at the same time. I bet he's definetly grouchy. Hope you don't get sick because that would be a b*tch too =)

  3. Poor little man! Some days just aren't worth leaving the crib for. ;)

  4. Poor you too, right! I can't imagine the crying and sleepless nights during this time. When Bella teeths, we all feel it!


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