Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Choking game

I heard on the news about a new deadly game the kids are playing ‘The Choking game”. This wasn’t new to me as I remember the kids playing it while I was in middle school. It looks like more than just bell bottoms and leggings are back from the past. It’s a game where the kids choke themselves to get high, in some cases having deadly results. The game is known as Gasp, Space Monkey, rising sun, knockout, space cowboy ect.. It is a known drug substitute for children starting around the 9-14 age. Here two days after I caught Kailey with a dog leash wrapped around her neck pretending to choke herself, this aired on the news. I was shocked and scared when it happened and then very aware of the talk we needed to have after the show. I quickly confiscated the leash and went over the dangers. I don’t believe she knew what she was doing, but that’s where it starts. The innocence of children can be deadly. Be aware and know what's going on before it's too late.
Warning signs
Sore throat (continues not due to allergies or cold)
Marks on the neck
Bloodshot eyes
Severe headaches
Shoe laces, leashes or belts lying around

The game
They choke themselves or have another child choke them until they pass out. At this time oxygen is cut off to the brain, which causes brain cells to die. This gives the child a light headed feeling. As chemicals are released this gives a feeling of being high. This is really the brain dying, starving it of oxygen.
Some children report this as a dream state. It can lead to brain damage, seizures and death. This game can be very addictive leading children to play it alone more and more often. Some have been known to even hang themselves just to get that high, resulting in suicide.
With in 3 minutes a child can suffer from noticeable brain damage.
4-5 minutes with no oxygen and you brain will die.
In some cases the children were only alone 15 minutes and it was deadly.


  1. very scary stuff! something else to add to the list of things to keep an eye on!

  2. I heard this is back too. I never did it, but I remember seeing a bunch of girls force another girl to do it at the softball field, and she fell and cracked her head open on the cement. Awful stuff. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet you!


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