Thursday, February 7, 2008

Damsel in Distress

I’ve been at the church early every morning to get ready for our big Valentines Day dinner Saturday. This morning I was extra early and the first one to arrive at the church. It’s freezing cold and while locking up the car and getting Jacob out, the back door closed on me before I could catch it. There sat Jacob locked in the half shut door. Everything but my phone was in there with him. I have locked my keys in the car I can’t tell you how many times but never with the baby! I instantly panicked when I couldn't reach Jason and called 911. I was so upset and shaken, I knew he was okay but that didn’t help. Two cop cars one being the town sheriff showed up along with the fire department. I was so embarrassed, I had a spare key and where was it? In my purse locked up also. I can’t imagine what the church women were thinking as they pulled in and saw all this going on. (As if the other day wasn’t bad enough!) After 30 minutes I was finally able to quit playing peek a boo through the window and get him out. By that time Jason finally showed up coming to my rescue yet again. After a kiss from my chattering lips he was able to see we were okay and inform me of what I already knew I did wrong. I guess after umpteen times of coming to my rescue it was hard to believe this time it wasn’t my fault. Needless to say I had a Bad morning and i'll have a lot of petting to do tonight!

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  1. Terrifying! This is one of those situations where normally a person might think the slightest bit about saying something such as "Duh!"...but they better not, because it will happen to them eventually, too!

    I have heard this happening to so many people and hope it never happens to us (of course it will). It gets soooooo hot here, I think I would have to freak out and bust the window so Peanut wouldn't overheat.

    Last week I accidentally shut my key between the trunk door and the car. We lost the spare a few months ago (long story). I had to get our emergency roadside people to come out, they unlocked the door, the alarm was going nuts, I had to get everything out of the trunk through the backseat (including the biggest Radio Flyer ever), then crawled into my trunk to use the emergency latch to open the trunk, then snagged the key and turned off the alarm. I thanked the Lord my little Peanut was nowhere in the story.

    Have a good night!


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