Monday, February 11, 2008

Sheet Lessons

I’m 31, married right now 12 years and I am ashamed to admit I just learned to fold sheets. (Well kinda sorda learning). The regular sheets are big, but those I can handle. It’s those darn fitted sheets that give me a fit. As if I don’t have enough trouble with them while they are on the bed. At night I find myself face to face with the mattress when the corners flip off. If I put our satin red sheets on it’s all I can do to stay in the bed without sliding off. If I do manage to hang on all night the covers slide off, leaving me to freeze. It’s a constant battle with them on and off the bed. Once they are off and clean the fight is on. I get so frustrated trying to fold them nice and neat when they still look a mess. I get so mad I just roll it up in a ball and stuff it in a drawer with the rest. Well one of the women at church was nice enough to try and show a bunch of us how she thought her mother in law did it. Half way through her concept she got confused and hers ended up looking like mine. We then all stood there looking confused. I was just glad I wasn't the only one. The idea yet tricky looked like something that would be easy after lots of practice. Somehow you stand holding up the sheet with your hands inside the two top corners, then fold these corners over one another till eventually all the corners are overlapping. Then once you have your flat folded square you put it and all the other sheets ect.. into one pillow case and wa la!
Here is my cobbled up square I made. It's not perfect but better than before.

1. It would help if your sheet wasn't wrinkled. Not that anyone wants to iron a sheet.
2. You must have someone to help if your taking pictures. Thank you Madisen!
3. It turns out nicer if you start with your sheet inside out.

Here’s a link to a video I found online.
This is a woman has more time than I do to make a video and patients figure this out.

Folding A Fitted Sheet

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  1. This does help! Remind me it's here when the semester ends =)


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