Monday, February 4, 2008

Not in my house

Getting pants to fit my girls has been a constant struggle. Everything I buy them has to have either adjustable waist or be slim fit. They have never been able to wear regular sizes. By the time the waist fits the rest is too small. Unless the Hoochie Momma look is what you are going for, they Do not work. Nothing screams “young lady get your butt back in there and change those are too small” as when I see tiny butt cheeks hanging out on the couch. They might as well have nothing on but panties, it's all the same. At age 4 I had to steal Madisen’s size 24mths red stretchy shorts, because she could still manage to get them on. Everytime I turned around she was wearing them. It was cute for a while when she hid them under her dresses, but it didn't take long and they had to go! I ended up putting them in her memory box because she was so attatched to them. If she ever finds out, I'm afriad she will go digging after them to see if they still fit. I know some of the styles now are made to be that way, but they are not making their way into my house. It's so frustrating shopping for something trendy yet descent for little girls.


  1. We have the same problem. Were it not for the adjustable waists, my 6year old would be naked. Her long legs are a size 8 and her waist is a size 5. Frankly we have to find them for my son too (long legs and no butt is his plight).

    And I hear you on finding decent looking clothes that don't scream's hard!

  2. I hear you on this one. My daughter needs a 6 waist and a 12 length. I have bought her a bunch of cute belts and long tops and she layers over it all. I hate the whole hoochie mama look in kids wear these days. I liked the 90's better when I had a girly girl who wore little house on the prairie dresses with pink cowboy boots every day and I made all her clothes. This one is not a girly girl and loves her jeans. I think they are making the kids clothes wider these days due to the rise in childhood obesity. But what about the slim girls? It is just as hard to find stuff for them as it is for the husky ones. And don't get me started on teen boys pants so big you can fit an adult in the pants with them. Yeah, nothing says cool and sexy like a 13 year old's rear end hanging out of his pants and showing everyone he wears boxers. Am I the only one who feels old when it comes to kids fashion?


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