Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Running on Fumes

Today’s bit of advice from the kitchen. If you’ve had trouble with your coffee maker from day one I suggest you return it as soon as possible. It will save you a lot of headache in the near future. One warning sign that you bought the wrong one might be; when you find your coffee maker is spewing grinds and coffee out the top of the machine making a huge mess. If you do not heed to this red flag and decide to keep it, even though this continues to happen on any given day, buyer Beware. For one day you might wake up to a burning smell and see your kitchen filled with hot steam, and still no coffee. If this does happen to you, you can still make coffee by pouring boiling water over the grinds themselves. FYI this will take well over 25 minutes, causing you to be late and your coffee will taste like crap. If you’re lucky you will not live out in BFE where a Star Bucks does not exist. In which case you will not be forced to run off just the smell of the fumes from the coffee you couldn’t drink.

(BFE)-‘Butt F#@* Egypt’- a place where normal civilization does not exist.
Ex: You might be there If;
You can look around and only see cows.
Your children think it's funny to sneak chickens in the house
Someone in your family is married to a cousin.
There isn’t a gas station for miles.
You can drive for 15 miles and wave to almost every car you pass, because you know them.
It only takes 1 phone call for the whole town to know all your business.
Where you live there is No cable TV / internet.
Your property taxes showed $1000, for a chicken coop built out of spare lumber


  1. Oh good grief, you poor thing! I live practically in BFE too :(

    I'd send you a cup of coffee right now if I could. Sugar or Equal?

  2. lol I always use that (BFE) to my sister because she just absolutely has to go far away places.

    lol I've had that happen one time to my coffe maker but the water would come out so strong that the filter would crumble inside so the grinds would just be forced down without actually making coffee =)


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