Thursday, February 21, 2008

GH gossip, Carly will be back

Did you hear the old Carly is comming back? No, not the one who is now Claudia Zacchara. Which I predicted would be Johnny's sister all along. ( Who I'm so glad to see learned not to flare her nose anymore.) I'm talking about the older Carley, the one who Rick had locked in the panic room when she was pregnant , Carly. Remember her?

I read headlines she'll be back! As who I don't know? All I know we will then have three Carlys running around? I'm having enough trouble getting used to the fact that Claudia is not Carly as it is. What is it with this program? Can they not get any one new? Hello...I'm right here!! I'm such Carly material, I swear they need me. Any GH agents reading ( Call me..) Okay,
Here's my prediction; I'm thinking she may have something to do with Kate. They've been asking if she has any family now that she's been shot. Maybe a sister? I may change that we'll see..

I also think Drama queen Liz is trying to steal my identity. I had Jason's baby and I named him Jake first! And for the record he was planned.


  1. Wow I haven't watched GH is such a long time!

    I remember watching it with my mom when I used to miss school. My mom was a huge fanatic. I would have voted on your poll but none of those applied to me =) And to actually have one of the questions 'Soaps are for losers?" No way too mean =)

  2. Promise not to tell ANYONE, but I know exactly what you mean. Lovez the GH!!! Remember Brenda?

  3. Oh, GH! I don't get to watch it nearly as regularly as I'd like! But I totally understand the nose flare comment, goodness that used to drive me crazy. She still does it occationally, but not nearly to the extent she used to. Ah, and who doesn't want to have Jason's baby!!

    Love this post!

  4. OH NO...There better be NO other women wanting Jason's baby (AKA Jason Regish) LOL
    My momma's a red head and I have her temper!

  5. Brenda was coming back through the Night Shift ER. Can't wait till she does, to stir things up.

  6. Yea! I love GH too! Didn't know that Carly was coming back too. Must be really weird for Sonny (whatever his real name is I mean). I think you may be right about having something to do with Kate. She's saying something about an Olivia, so maybe that's her. Nice to meet you, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Maybe I'm the only one, but I HATE Liz. God, what a whinny hypocrite! She lies, cheats, lies some more and still manages to come out smelling like roses. I used to like Jason, he's pretty hunky and all. But after he dropped Sam for that lil miss perfect Liz he dropped about 50 points in my book. I like Sam's character. She's not all nice or all evil. I can relate to her because most of the time she fails, but she keeps trying. She's true to herself and she makes forward steps, but little by little, like most humans. Also, she really loved Jason. She never did anything to him. It was all him. He believed Alexis and started to treat Sam badly so she would leave him. If I were Sam, I would have been tempted to keep the kidnapping issue to myself too. Both Jason AND Liz have done her wrong, yet they keep coming out of everything like heroes.

    About Carly, I like the newest Carly very much. Tamara Brown, though, has always been my favorite Carly. It doesn't matter how many other actresses have played Carly before or after. Tamara made the character. Its all her. The newest Carly was able to fit in so well because she knew the entire story of Carly, she was a fan from the very beginning. So, she made herself fit into the character at the beginning, instead of giving us (the fans) new gestures and new things to get used to. Plus, she's lovable on interviews. I was very sad about Tamara leaving the show. But I rooted for the newest Carly with her jokes and easy smile when she's being interviewed. Ok, I think that's enough


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