Saturday, February 9, 2008

Date night

Tonight is finally our big Valentines Day party at church. Finally a date with my husband all to myself with no kids. All the ladies at church have worked so hard to make this a big romantic night. We all know we won’t get it unless we do it ourselves so we have. We have candles and roses everywhere under a big canopy lined with Ivy and lights we built. All we had missing were our men. Now it’s like getting ready for prom only with kids under our feet. Even though I am dying for some adult interaction I am nervous about being away from the baby for the first time. I know he’s in great hands with grandma and grandpa so that helps. Now if only I can get rid of all my worries enough to enjoy myself.
1. I hope Jacob doesn’t cry.
2. I don’t spill food on my white shirt.
3. I can come up with some adult conversation that doesn’t include sponge Bob.
4. I hope my phone works there.
5. I hope my outfit doesn't make me look fat or slutty.
6. I hope the girls don’t fight while I’m gone.
7. I hope Jacob lets my mom feed him.
8. I hope I don’t say anything embarrassing, or Jason doesn’t embarrass me in a game.
9. I hope get my purse instead of the diaper bag.
10.The canopy doesn't fall.
Oh this list could go on forever and I need to get ready in time to get there.
I’ll let you know how it went.

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  1. Have fun on your date girl. Spending quality "couple" time with your hubby is just as important as the mommy duties... Why is it our romantic relationship is always the first to get passed over when we are busy mom's of little ones? I Also wanted to tell you about this One World One Heart thing going on in blogland. You can register on any participant's blog, and have a chance to win lots of cool prizes.


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