Saturday, February 2, 2008

Slumber party with Mommy

Last night was Madisen’s very first slumber party at a friend’s house. She was only a mile down the road, which felt like states away. I left my cell phone with her, to call home whenever she wanted. Little did I know that would be every 15 minutes. I was kept informed of every detail that was going on during her stay. She couldn’t have played much with all the girls, because she was constantly on the phone. I do know she made time to play a balloon game, because she called with a hurt finger. I kissed it across the phone and then she was back off to the girls calling her in the background. I’m glad I left my phone or that poor mother would have been run to death getting the phone for her. At 9 pm when she called I thought she decided to come home, but I was wrong. She just wanted me to come over and take her to the bathroom. Here I thought I was going just to take her the pajama’s she forgot. No, apparently she was too scared to go by herself and with the fake fingernails she was wearing, she needed help with the paper. After hugging and kissing her I was back on my way home, just in time to answer her phone call. She called 3 times to tell me she was tired and going to bed. She just didn’t know why everyone wanted to stay up all night, and not go to bed. After getting a call at 10:30 when I was already in the bed, I knew this would be a long night. I remembered how it was for me as a child and told her to call as much as she needed, and that she could come home at anytime. From that call on, the phone didn’t ring. I thought she finally fell asleep. I slept restless with my baby down the street. I had a phone next to my pillow, one on the floor, and one on my dresser. 7 am came along and I thought she must have really slept good. That was until I found 5 messages on our phone that had never rang. It was Madisen stating they had lost power, in a scared little voice. My heart sank and I instantly got sick to my stomach. Our phone must have went out or something because it never rang. Five minutes later she called; with tears in my eyes I was so relieved to hear her voice. I know my five minutes didn’t come close to her entire night. I don’t think we will be doing anymore sleepovers for a while, unless they are at our house


  1. Yeah, no more sleepovers any more. They just lead to drug use. That's what I tell my husband anyway. A little healthy paranoia, right?

    Imagine when she goes to college. My biggest fear! I was terrible, and just thinking of my daughter doing any of the stuff I did terrifies me.

    Dre the Texican

  2. Oh my gosh, I don't even want to think about my daughter's first sleep over.

    Though, if she treats that like she does swim lessons, dance class and tumbling class... who cares about mommy when there are other people her size!

    Best of luck with sleep over #2... when ever that happens again.

  3. Poor thing. First time sleepovers are scary for both mommies and little ones.

  4. My daughter when to a sleepover on Saturday at the Embassy Suites. I guess this is the new "in" thing to do in the 5th grade where we live. Wen I picked her up Sunday morning the mom said "Your daughter was a delight, she was quiet and well behaved." She layed in the corner at 10pm and tried to sleep but the other girls kept stepping on her. She said she cried herself to sleep. I told her any time you are at a sleepover and you are not comfortable, you call me and I will come get you. Funny thing is, I couldn't go to sleep until 3 am. I must have been picking up her vibes.


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