Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday's Fight the frump with Fussy

I think eventhough we desperately need to work on fighting the frump, when we go out. I do believe it's also important, if not more important to start inside the home. Our wife roles are what lead us to motherhood so shouldn't we start there. I know there are some days you want to relax in something comfy, But let's try defrumping our bedtime wear.

Mommy Fashion Don'ts

First off toss the moo-moo's and curlers, your showing no effort with those.

Pajamas with cartoon characters, what are you 13? Get rid of those!

Pull out your good panties and the purfume and get to work

Look at these, really cute non-Frumpy PJ's

A little conservative for around the kids, yet a little sex appeal thrown in for the hubby.

Feeling a little froggy you can go with these other options;

1. Something that says I'm still hot, but hides most any flaws. Gives you enough coverage, so you can wear it infront of the younger kids.

2. Shows a little more skin, say's I'm cute and frisky.

3.For those nights the kids are gone to grandmas, or out cold for the night.

Warning: Please proceed with Caution

(this option could lead to more babies)

This say's come here Big Daddy..

Believe me if you have Any flaws, in this he'll Never see them!

These are all great for mixing about, just make sure you don't mix the do's with the dont's;

Tune in again on Fridays for more Fight the Frump with Fussy



  1. Good job! I normally wear sweats to bed. I think I need to change that.

  2. I love this idea - although I usually don't wear PJs, hubby says sometimes something sexy is better than nothing at all - WHATever!


    Cute PJ ideas...

  3. Love this. I have a slight addiction to such things, but funny thing that my husband never complains about large Victoria Secret bills.

  4. Love cute jammies and fun little nighties! "This says come here big daddy"- Hahahha! So funny!

  5. I used to love PJ's. I had several cute pairs. I'm noticing now that mine say 'stay the heck away from me'!

    I get to go out alone today to do some shopping...I'm gonna look for some cute, sexy jammies!!

    Thanks for the tips!

  6. Ohh love the little pink ones.. I have similar pj's to those but more in cotton and in ugly black and grey so maybe silk and in pink might be better =) Good Ideas!


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