Saturday, February 16, 2008

Compliment or Insult?

All this past week I’ve been at the hospital with my dad. I was there with the baby and my mom started a guessing game with the nurses. That seemed to be the only way they would stop by seeing how they are too lazy to do anything. Apparently all they are there for is to stand around and get fat stuffing their faces. Why would they come in to bathe him and change the bed, they are too busy not charting to do that. I was a CNA, so I was a little peeved they weren’t doing their job. Anyways, they were guessing how old Jacob was as each one came through. I found out not only are they lazy but stupid also! Come on would a baby be eating cheerios if it was 3 mos old? Not only did they miss his age over and over they all thought I was 10 years younger. In a way it does make you feel good to think you’re young looking. On the hand it bothers me as to why? Is it my looks? My attitude? The way I dress? What??? Should I feel insulted or take it as a compliment? I guess depending on what question and how you answer it would decide that. People mistake it all the time. One that’s really embarrassing is when I get carded for buying smokes for Jason. For one thing I hate buying them. I feel like I have to justify that they aren’t for me. I especially did when I was pregnant. I didn’t want people thinking I was smoking while pregnant. Now that I’m not, It’s stupid I know, like I would be some bad mother if I was a smoker. But every time I buy them I’ll say something to let them know they aren’t mine. Little comments like, “Oh he’ll just have to deal with it if they aren’t in a box.” You only have to be 18 to buy smokes, surely I look older than that! I’m 31 running around with three kids and wearing a wedding ring. Although around here that’s not uncommon for 18. I just hope the comments don’t ever stop, because one day I’m sure I’ll be begging to hear it. In the meantime I'll just be annoyed and try and take advantage of it. Like using it to keep Jason from chasing younger woman.


  1. I think it's a compliment that people think your 10 yrs younger. Maybe because it shows you take care of yourself well. Just because your hauling 3 kids around and showing a wedding ring doesn't mean everyone has to right away assume your old.

    But I just think your were mad at their assumptions because they weren't taking care of your father right. But yea assuming a 3 month old is eating cheerios is taking it to far.

  2. I can understand about being embarassed about buying the smokes...even when I was pregnant I still did all the shopping, including buying beer for my husband. I used to get the dirtiest looks when I was visably pregnant and buying booze!

  3. Compliment, but in a stressful situation such as your dad being in the hospital, I can totally see how it might make someone think otherwise, you know?

    Really, it's not polite of them to be discussing your age at all, other than your mom. But the nurses SHOULD have said something such as, "Oh, I have no idea, but she's just beautiful."

    Whenever my Mr. MBA Sperm Donor and I are somewhere and I feel as if ladies are being snarky with me, I just laugh it off and tell my husband how lucky he is to be married to the type of woman he would want to have an affair with.

    This is also one of the ways I drive my MIL crazy. Sometimes she'll say REALLY SWEET things such as, "FIL would never let me wear something like that...(insult disguised as something else)", I say, "I know! I am so lucky your son wanted to marry the type of woman he would always want to have an affair with!"

  4. And inside my head, I'm thinking: "P.S. Booyah!!!"

  5. They have to card you for smokes until you look forty or so. When I was a cashier, I carded unless I saw many wrinkles and grey's safer that way.


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